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Johannes (John) Dee
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euticon/john-dee~~ {{:dee.jpg?268x326}} ====== Johannes (John) Dee ====== \\ ==== (1527-1608 e.v.) ==== \\ \\ by... astronomer, astrologer, philosopher and magician. Dee was the court astrologer to both Queen Mary I and... ted in the defeat of the invading Spanish Armada. Dee was the editor of the first English translation of Euclid's "Elements." Dee, along with [[kelly.htm|Edward Kelly]] were respo
Saints of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica
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de Fluctibus]] * [[bruno|Giordano Bruno]] * [[dee|Johannes Dee]] * //[[kelly|Sir Edward Kelly]]// * [[vaughan|Thomas Vaughan]] * [[ashmole|Elias Ashmole]]
The Gnostic Mass with Annotations and Commentary
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ertus de Fluctibus]], [[bruno|Giordano Bruno]], [[dee|Johannes Dee]], //[[kelly|Sir Edward Kelly]],// [[vaughan|Thomas Vaughan]], [[ashmole|Elias Ashmole]], [[molino
The Creed of the Gnostic Catholic Church: an Examination
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drea|Andrea]], [[fludd|Robertus de Fluctibus]], [[dee|Johannes Dee]], //[[kelly|Sir Edward Kelly]],// [[vaughan|Thomas Vaughan]], [[ashmole|Elias Ashmole]], [[molino
Giordano Bruno
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placed between those of Robertus de Fluctibus and Johannes Dee, and is not italicized.\\ References:\\ Couli