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Ritus Minor Olympicus ad Pentagrammo Expellendum
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Pentagram Adapted to the Graeco-Roman Tradition\\ John Opsopaus\\ © 1995 ==== Introduction ==== This /... familiar astrological sign for Mercury. See also John Dee’s description of his “Hieroglyphic Monad,” wh... exagram symbolizes the Unity of Opposites and the Balance of the Four Elements. The four elements result fr... r chest, indicating the reconciliation, union and balance of the Oppositions (//Bivium//), Worlds (//Triviu
Two for Sacred Geometers
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ometers ====== ===== Book Reviews ===== Michell, John. //[[amazon>0500016070|At The Center Of The World... decade or so has done a great deal to redress the balance. The two books reviewed here each build, in a different sense, on that foundation. John Michell’s name is a familiar one not only among s... ern times. The collection apparently belonged to John Byrom, an eighteenth-century Freemason and fellow