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The Small Cards
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economic system has broken down; there is no more balance between the social orders. Disks being as they ar... icularly bad because there is nothing whatever to balance it-no strong planet to hold it up. Venus goes aft... he Kerubic sign, the element has come to its full balance of power; and in the other signs the force is fad... ls in an extremely awkward and ridiculous manner. Balance is made difficult by not going fast enough. So al
The Atu (Keys or Trumps)
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e equation of the Universe, the initial and final balance of the opposites; Air, in this card, therefore qu... Antinomy broken in thine Hand; yet, being in true Balance, thou mayest soar, passionate and eager, from Hea... ds were created. (See the Gospel according to St. John, chapter I.) It represents the Will. In brief, he... ontroversy about Christ between the Synoptics and John was really a contention between the priests of Ba