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oss gave a son to His mother in the person of St. John, and, triumphing over the anguish of the most fri... will serve God,” deceives himself. For, said St. John the Apostle, if he loveth not his neighbour whom ... presumably that referred to by the author. Cf. 1 John iv. 3, and ii, 18.—TRANS. “What career shall we c... t to carry. GREAT PENTACLE FROM THE VISION OF ST. JOHN {Illustration on page 74 described: This is title
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MINETTA. Crown 8vo, cloth, 1s. net. **THE VITAL BALANCE.** A Short Survey of some of the More Important A... CAUSES AND PHENOMENA. By HEREWARD CARRINGTON and JOHN R. MEADER. Ornamental black cloth gilt, 8 3/4 in.... rks of" --- ALEISTER CROWLEY John Alford :Hugh Owen Meredith ... H. S. Pinset "Richard Buxton" (E.Buxton Shanks):"John Presland" (Mrs. Skelton) Archibald Young Campbell
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ider the magnificent and terrible metaphor of St. John; Hell is a sleeping fire. It is a life without ac... ts and of thought; the result of that struggle is balance in progress, and the devil always contributes, de