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The Gnostic Mass: An Appreciation
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f "washing away sin" is traditionally ascribed to John the Baptist, though Josephus says that John made use of it not for the remission of sins but for the pu... contradiction, without which there is no unity or balance; they are impersonal forces, yet are found variou... ght be described as the vital force which creates balance in the body's nervous system, or perhaps as the f
Masonic Legacy: Craft Symbolism in the Gnostic Mass
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phors that later turned up in Masonic literature. John Valentine Andreä wrote the first public documents... an. All of it can be summed up in the concepts of balance and harmony: the union of opposites, the 0 = 2 fo... G. Richmond. Macoy Publishing, 1981.\\ Corrigan, John, et al.  Jews, Christians, Muslims. Upper Saddle ... Freemasonry. Avenel. Wings Books, 1994.\\ Yarker, John.  The Masonic Rite of Memphis. Kila. Kessinger Pu