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The Tree of Life @jwmt:v1n3
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f Chesed and the Severity of Geburah, the perfect balance between the aggressive and benevolent energies of... s, thoughts, and images. There is a discussion by John Michael Greer in his paper //Ars Memorativa: An I... ern practioner. The Garden of Memory presented by John Michael Greer gives the modern magical practioner... lications, St Paul, Minnesota, USA, 1997. Greer, John Michael. __Circles of Power__. Llewellyn Publicat
By Names and Images @jwmt:v1n1
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ds to the G.D. office of Hegemon. Thmê stands in balance between the pillars of severity and mercy and rep... elves aspects of Thmê. The symbolism relating to balance, so important to the goddess of the "Hall of Two ... given in Forrest truly continues the symbolism of balance. The descriptions given in Regardie and Zalewksi ... ]. While this card relates to Libra and therefore balance, it does not have continuity with the symbolism o
Aleister Crowley: His Contribution to the Western Mysteries Tradition @jwmt:v1n0
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ne of the "Plymouth Brethren'. These followers of John Nelson Darby lived uncompromisingly by literal bi... tor Neuberg, performing the Enochian calls of Dr. John Dee.[85] Crowley visited the United States in 19... hough it seems to have taken him several years to balance the energies involved.[ 88] He was depressed and ... yond the point most occultists dare to go."[112] John Symonds seems to agree with Wilson, though it is
The Occult Novels of Dion Fortune @jwmt:v1n0
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at fiction was this collection of short stories. John Taverner MD is a Harley Street physician, and the... eroine, who can use her femininity to restore the balance of the moribund lodge, which can save all parties