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Secret Fire: The Relationship Between Kundalini, Kabbalah, and Alchemy
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at all who believe may have eternal life in him.” John 3:14-15// The Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram is ... The brow is attributed to Saturn, and is said to balance out the Yesod center, as well as add power to the... o use regarding this statement: One suggests that John the Baptist was initiating repentance as well as ... r full adepthood. A second interpretation is that John was offering initiation up the 29<sup>th</sup> Pa
Follow Up to the Lucid Dreaming Project
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a erat Verbum….”// In the Beginning was the Word John 1:1 Positive thinking in the single most importa... ome magnitude you must possess a perfect magnetic balance. Otherwise you would do more harm than good.”((//