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FURTHER NOTES ON CRAFT SYMBOLISM @wilmshurst:the-meaning-of-masonry
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r methods of knowledge at his disposal in perfect balance and adjusted like the four sides of the Lodge; an... ual Principle; it denotes these two in a state of balance and harmonious interaction, the junior Warden personifying the balance-point or meeting-place of man’s natural reason an... ie open at the first chapter of the Gospel by St. John, the patron-saint of Masonry, so that it may be t
THE DEEPER SYMBOLISM OF FREEMASONRY @wilmshurst:the-meaning-of-masonry
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s, and the great Greek tragedians, along with St. John, St. Paul and innumerable other great names—were ... st severe tests of discipline, of purity, of self-balance were required before a neophyte was permitted to ... hands in innocency. So also our Patron Saint (St. John) teaches, “He who hath this hope in him purifieth