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Chapter XLIX: Thelemic Morality
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Manu, Draco, Solon, Paul (with his harpy brood), John Stuart Mill and Kant, he can make his decision wi... I'm jolly well going to do it." Who is going to balance that entry in his Karmic account?  Might not even
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at all. But his, as Garet Garrett shows, is the John Gilpin type of horsemanship.  We are to-day more ... ulture, between town and country. When the proper balance is not struck, the community must depend on outsi
Chapter XXIII: Improvising a Temple
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ill of course be the first care to get everything balanced and //tidy//. If you propose to erect a regular... representation of the Universe as derived by Dr. John Dee from the skrying of Sir Edward Kelly.")) Rem
Chapter XV: Sex Morality
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laws apply. "Don't monkey with the buzz-saw!" as John Wesley might have put it, though I doubt whether ... ly along the Path of Daleth, and restore the lost Balance. Attempts to suppress it are fatal, to sublime it