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ITIATION OF IOANNES. By JAMES M. PRYSE. New York; John M. Pryse, 9-15 Murray Street, 1910. London: J. M.... ogians, in all ages, as has the "Revelation of St John the Divine," and it is but in comparatively recen... ccepts it unreservedly as the work of the Apostle John, but we ought to mention that there is a long str... had been members. This Dionysius makes a certain John the Presbyter, as of note in Asia Minor in the 1s
A Masonic Glossary of the Gnostic Mass
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an annual feast is held on the anniversary of St. John the Baptist, June 24. That every one may strive t... , at the quarterly meeting on the festival of St. John the Evangelist, in 1720, adopted the following re... l flag, made of tough ash, weighted at one end to balance it in use, and pointed at the other. //--Mackey'... by the early Christians for the true God; for St. John, in the Apocalypse, has this expression--O Wn, ka
On the Initiation of the Prophet
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d change their word\\ on the feasts of the Saints John\\ at midsummer and midwinter;\\ the Golden Dawn p... —\\ a thing inert and impotent\\ was endowed with balanced motion\\ in a given direction,\\ a direction tha