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Chapter V The Formula of I.A.O.
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the principal and most characteristic formula of Osiris, of the Redemption of Mankind. //I// is Isis, Nat... e Destroyer, and restored to life by the Redeemer Osiris.<sup>[[chap5#note1|1]]</sup> The same idea is exp... It is followed by the arising not of Isis, but of Osiris. The ancient condition is not restored, but a new... ure | Other Correspondences | | The Hierophant\\ (Osiris throned & crowned with Wand. Four Worshipers—the
Book 4, Part II
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ow open. This rime is the legend of the murder of Osiris by Typhon. The limbs of Osiris were scattered in the Nile. Isis sought them in every corner of the Univ... con/Apophis|Apophis]].\\ The Serpent-God who slew Osiris. //See// Equinox III. [[/hermeneuticon/Babalon|B... hermeneuticon/Typhon|Typhon]].\\ The destroyer of Osiris. [[/hermeneuticon/Udana|Udana]].\\ One of the im
Chapter XVIII Of Clairvoyance and the Body of Light Its Power and Its Development Also Concerning Divination
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The Magician becomes identical with the immortal Osiris, yet the Magician dies. In this dilemma the facts... that part of himself which he calls the immortal Osiris; and that Part does not "die". Now this interior
Chapter VII The Formula Of The Holy Graal: Of ABRAHADABRA: and of certain other Words. Also: The Magical Memory.
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ce; but one may say that it is, to the formula of Osiris, what the turbine is to the reciprocating engine.... nderstood, accepted, and used even the Formula of Osiris. Kin to them are the "once-born" of William James
Liber Samekh Theurgia Goetia Summa (Congressus Cum Daemone) Sub Figurâ DCCC
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for the old aeon) the Hierophant is the perfected Osiris, who brings the candidate, the natural Osiris, to identity with himself. But in the new Aeon the Hieropha
Bibliography and Curriculum of the A∴A∴
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act that its story of the overthrowing of Isis by Osiris may help the reader to understand the meaning of the overthrowing of Osiris by Horus in the present Aeon. Equinox VII, p. 293
Chapter XII Of the Bloody Sacrifice and Matters Cognate.
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of the Dying God — refer to this. The slaying of Osiris and Adonis; the mutilation of Attis; the cults of
Chapter I The Principles of Ritual.
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alike of the sorrowing Isis and of the triumphant Osiris, not forgetting their link in the destroyer Apoph