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Ritual of the 0=0 Grade of Neophyte
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ermed the Place of the Evil One, of the Slayer of Osiris. He is the Tempter, Accuser and Punisher of the B... The Stooping Dragon. Satan-Typhon. The Slayer of Osiris. Besz. The brutal power of demoniac force. {247}... of the East, the seat of Aeshuri, he is no longer Osiris but Arouerist. And the invisible station of Aroue... ame of the Hierophant: and he is Aeshuri-st, "The Osiris in the Nether World." <WRAP center 33%> {{ :crow
Liber O vel Manus et Sagittae sub figurâ VI
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er.\\     Scorpio, Apophis, Destroyer.\\     Sol, Osiris, Slain and Risen.\\     Isis, Apophis, Osiris, IAO. {22}\\ (iii) Extend the arms in the form of a cross, and say: "The Sign of Osiris Slain." (//See// Illustration).\\ (iv) Raise the... he breast, and bow the head and say, "The Sign of Osiris Risen." (//See// Illustration).\\ (vii) Extend t
The Psychology of Hashish
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s in the mystic regenerative process Isis Apophis Osiris I A O; or the Black Dragon in the alchemical tran... 2} region of pure thought. In the case of the god Osiris, for example, he will no longer express his vision by the name Osiris or by the green face, by the white robes starred
Ritual of the 4=7 Grade of Philosophus
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mp, and says: {275} "The Priest with the mask of Osiris spake and said: 'I am the water, stagnant, and si... Typhon is as necessary in the Egyptian Scheme as Osiris; in the Christian, that Satan is but the twin of
Ritual of the 2=9 Grade of Theoricus
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.'" //Hierophant//: "The priest with the mask of Osiris spake and said: 'Thou canst not pass the gate of
A Note of Genesis
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e to the Shrine of our Father C.R.C., the Tomb of Osiris; the God Revealer, coming, moreover, by the Centr