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and perfection. And he recited the Formula of the Osiris as follows, even as it hath been transmitted unto... All this he said, and displayed the sacraments of Osiris before them all; and in a certain mystical manner... (for I was yet naked) in the dress of a Priest of Osiris. He gave me the robes of white Linen, and the leo... d the people; I was alone with the dead God; with Osiris, the Lord of Amennti, the slain of Typhon, the de
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rning to emasculate Attis, slain Adonis, murdered Osiris, crucified Christ. He could even trace in his own... e.” 17. ♃. It is "all about the child." Also "all Osiris." (Note the cynic and sceptic tone of this entry.... of the Gods. "Five vertical lines to right: ---" Osiris, the Priest of Montu, Lord of Thebes, Opener of t... eroglyph of Amenti." "Lowest Register." (1) Saith Osiris, the Priest of Montu, Lord of Thebes, the Opener
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he devotee consider well that although Christ and Osiris be one, yet the former is to be worshipped with C... of Ab for Ama on the other; so also is the triad Osiris, Isis, Horus like that of a horse, mare, foal, an... s, threatening ceremonially "to burn the blood of Osiris, and to grind down his bones to power." This meth
A ∴ A ∴ Publication in Class A. Imprimatur: N. Fra A ∴ A ∴
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tual Regeneration. [The Z.A.M. as Osiris risen between Isis and Nephthys.