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rning to emasculate Attis, slain Adonis, murdered Osiris, crucified Christ. He could even trace in his own... hursday)// It is "all about the child." Also "all Osiris." (Note the cynic and sceptic tone of this entry.... Gods.\\ Five vertical lines to right :---\\      Osiris, the Priest of Montu, Lord of Thebes, Opener of t... oglyph of Amenti.\\ Lowest Register. > (I) Saith Osiris, the Priest of Montu, Lord of Thebes, the opener
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ast; the Christian period, the worship of Man, of Osiris, of the Present. The first period is simple, quie... , of the Child, of the Future. Isis was Liberty; Osiris, bondage; but the new Liberty is that of Horus. Osiris conquered her because she did not understand him. ... re also one with Set or Apophis, the destroyer of Osiris. It is by the destruction of the principle of dea
Chapter 7
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h and the Heaven for the murder and mutilation of Osiris, Man, her son. The War of 1914-18 and its sequels... This is the dual form of Horus, child of Isis and Osiris. If so, the theorist must suggest a reason for th