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Concerning the Symbolism of Self-Sacrifice and Crucifixion Contained in the 5=6 Grade @gdlibrary:flying-rolls
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he Day', — like the Great God in Atziluth — 'I am Osiris Onnophris, the Justified One', who is perfected i... ose of Ruby and the Cross of Gold, in the Sign of Osiris Slain, — and then 'We receive thee as an Adeptus ... stroyer and the Sacrificed One, ISIS, APOPHIS and OSIRIS = the name IAO. The Symbol of Osiris Slain is the Cross; L is the Sign of the Mourning of Isis; V the Sig
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Ter . . . {{:gdlibrary:cipher:sol.gif?15x15|Sol}} Osiris\\ 19.{{:gdlibrary:cipher:space3.gif?90x5}}tue et ... 5.gif?150x5}}cite\\ 21. Tous Isis . . Apophis . . Osiris . . IAO\\ 22. Les trois donc foraent le signe\\ 2... 5}}{{:gdlibrary:cipher:osirissl.gif?38x39|Sign of Osiris Slain}} croix ---- <sup>*</sup>The three office
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if?150x5}}synthesis\\ 8. H. stops Z. with mask of Osiris\\ 9. K. & Z. Thou art air & sun I come\\ 10.{{:gd... aquair.gif?16x10|Aquarius}} as man\\ 12. Hs. I am Osiris\\ 13. Hg. with mask of lion stops Z.\\ 14. H. & Z
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:gdlibrary:cipher:key17.gif?126x103|key 17}}\\ 19.Osiris\\ 20. {{:gdlibrary:cipher:daleth.gif?9x13|daleth}
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2, 29\\ 19. once round. H. stops with red lamp as Osiris\\ 20. As stagnant {{
The Golden Dawn FAQ
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ondon: Westcott, Woodman, Mathers | |4. Osiris |8 Oct. 1888 |Weston-