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r the elements is also made explicit in the G.D. "Osiris Prayer": For Osiris on-Nophiris who is found perfect before the Gods, hath said: <WRAP indent> These ar... roy in order that they may be renewed.\\ For I am Osiris Triumphant, even Osiris on-Nophris, the Justified:\\ I am He who is clothed with the Body of Flesh,\\ Yet
Father Osiris
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====== Father Osiris ====== "Rise up my father, great king \\ so that you may sit in front of them.\\ The... ou may stride in the sunshine.\\ Stand up for me, Osiris, my father.\\ I am your son. I am Horus.\\ I have
The Egyptian Mysteries
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em|Evening Prayer to Isis]]\\ [[osirispoem|Father Osiris]]\\ [[mightypoem|Mighty]] - Paul Joseph Rovelli