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Chapter III
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of attainment by way of Crucifixion was given by Osiris when he came to power in the last Aeon. (See Book... he Solar-Phallic deities of the old Aeon, such as Osiris, "Christ", Hiram, Adonis, Hercules, &c., were sup... y of the Egyptians gives us this genealogy: Isis, Osiris, Horus. Now the 'pagan' period is that of Isis; ... , Christ, and others there came in the Equinox of Osiris; when sorrow and death ware the principal objects
Chapter I
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the crocodiles and tigers, and avenge his father Osiris. Thus we see him as the "Great Fool" of Celtic le... uering Child, the armed Horus avenging his father Osiris.So also our own Silent Self, helpless and witless... therefore inevitably twin (Horus and Harpocrates, Osiris and Typhon, Jesus and Barabbas) in Nature, formed... gs very simply and obviously: the change from the Osiris formula to that of Horus is intelligible enough.
Index of Magical and Philosophical Commentaries
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