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Chapter VI Further Light on the Tree of Life
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rcoming Horus. It is the Natural Formula of Isis, Osiris, Horus, and is of Solar Origin. From 2419 B.C. to... Great and Little Years which both coincided. Then Osiris, Dead and Re-Arisen, was the predominant object o... racter of Horus as Apophis the Avenger. The Isis, Osiris, Horus arrangement is quite the natural one for t... t. But what of the Formula IAO, as Isis, Apophis, Osiris? If we make a list of several repetitions of the
The Egyptian Revival or The Ever-Coming Son in The Light of the Tarot
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so among men today; whether we call him Christ or Osiris, whether we see him betrayed by Set or Judas, he is always here, he is always betrayed. Osiris was not the shadow cast before by the coming of Christ, nor Christ a remembrance of Osiris; they are the same, the same significance in diff... netrix, and how this type preceded the Bullock or Osiris. Sebek (The Crocodile) was a form of IU-Sif, as
Chapter V The Mystery of Babalon and the Beast
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interpretation of the Word of the Justified One, Osiris arisen from Ammenti. Destruction is essential or ... e Sun of Midnight, our "heads" tell us that He is Osiris of the Underworld. These are the old doctrines o... un-scientific and gross. If we truly believe in Osiris (or Christ) why should we fear to descend with Hi
Chapter IV The Sun, The Devil, and the Redeemer
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final He. Thus the Missing members of the Body of Osiris are all brought together again; the Lost Word is ... sponding in its attributes to the Goat of Mendes (Osiris) and the androgyne (two-sexed Horus) of Khunrath.
Chapter III More Light on the Tarot Trumps
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es "There is an Egyptian legend which relates how Osiris in the 365<sup>th</sup> year of his reign came fr... Hierophant", the Initiator into the Mysteries of Osiris the Bull. This Path is attributed to the Sign Tau