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The Commentaries of AL Chapter III
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of attainment by way of Crucifixion was given by Osiris when he came to power in the last Aeon. (See Book... he Solar-Phallic deities of the old Aeon, such as Osiris, "Christ", Hiram, Adonis, Hercules, etc., were su... ere is no such violent antithesis as that between Osiris and Horus; Strength will prepare the Reign of Jus... f the G .. D .. ,following Horus as Horus follows Osiris. He can then assume the "throne and place" of the
The Commentaries of AL Chapter I
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the crocodiles and tigers, and avenge his father Osiris. Thus we see him as the "Great Fool" of Celtic le... uering Child, the armed Horus avenging his father Osiris. So, also, our own Silent Self, helpless and witl... atic Orders" which had only this "Awful Truth"-- "Osiris is a Black God"--to mask their financial and poli... erse declares that the old formula of Magick--the Osiris-Adonis-Jesus-Marsyas-Dionysus- Attis-Etc. formula
The Scarlet Sisterhood Commentary on Liber AL
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Will. The child knows not of such foppery. Asar, Osiris slain, is adorant, for he is dead. Isa, the mothe
Random Notes on Liber Al
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it: Isis, nature, gathers the pieces of the dead Osiris, reassembles them, and brings him back to life. E
The Commentaries of AL Chapter II
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he New Testament of the Bible, and the Mystery of Osiris in any good textbook of Egyptology. For ten thous