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Chapter 14. Conditions for Successful Results  
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7</sup>]] to stop the Baris, scatter the limbs of Osiris like Typhon, or do something else of a similar ch... in in their order because the beneficent power of Osiris continues pure and immaculate, and is not at all ... pt, where was the most ancient temple to Isis and Osiris, and also a "tomb." Some writers insist that only... gypt contain an explanation of these expressions. Osiris and Isis, or Uasar and Uasi, were the two princip
Chapter 1. Letter of Porphyry to Anebo
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; that, like Typhon, he will scatter the limbs of Osiris, or do something of a similar character, what is ... urgos, or Creator of the Universe, and concerning Osiris and Isis, and all the Sacred Legends, may be inte... of interpretation. In his treatise //On Isis and Osiris// he remarks that some individuals do not scruple to say that Osiris is the Sun, Isis no other than the Moon, and that
Chapter 12. Notions of the Egyptian Priests Criticized
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nd was the Symbol of Ra, the Sun-God, and also of Osiris, as the Sun-God of Amenti, the region of the dead... ]].** The goddess Isis, the sister and consort of Osiris, the Egyptian Bacchus, was sometimes considered t... The slaughter of hogs at the festivals of Adonis, Osiris and Demites seems to have been of the latter char
Chapter 16. Questions Proposed
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ut as being a dispenser of benefits, he is called Osiris: [[theurgia.html#ch16n13|<sup>13</sup>]] and by r
Chapter 15. Origin of Egyptian Symbolism
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126|//Herodotus//: II, 60]]. //Plutarch, Isis and Osiris// 18, and throughout. * **[[|2]].** This defini