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Saints of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica @hermeneuticon
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cis Burton | Sir Richard Francis Burton | | | [[Paul Gauguin]] | | | Paul Gaugin | | | [[Gérard Encausse|G... ss."—Aleister Crowley, quoted at [[/hermeneuticon/paul-gauguin]] ==== References ==== * [[/crowley/libers/li
Alphonse Louis Constant @sabazius
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alists, including Flora Tristan, grandmother of [[gauguin.htm|Paul Gauguin]] and M. Ganneau, the "Mapah." He spent three short terms in jail for his "seditious" writings. In
May @hermeneuticon
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at Richmond, Virginia * [[Greater Feast]] of [[Paul Gauguin]], died [[May 8]], [[1903]] at Atuona, French Pol