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d over anyway. The land was much like some of the Tarot cards for Death; bodies ill-buried all around, pi
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hite horse, came Death with his banner, as in the Tarot card. Death reined in between the pillars, and t... ised up out of their coffins of matter, as in the Tarot card "Judgment", but this is done through the pro
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his Part, but we will say only a few. "First the Tarot Card, which reflect in its own way the principles
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Pothnir. The first of these images was like the Tarot card The Sun, with some modifications. The sun in
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such as colors, divine names, geometric symbols, Tarot images, etc., become unified into the experience
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force.) "And know that this is the sense of the Tarot card of this Path. The angel stands with one foot
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it should be for this aspect." The image of the Tarot card "Temperance" appeared before me, but with so... s through us becomes mixed in its descent, as the Tarot image shows. "Now to other things: Pursue these ... Seven lower Spheres of the Tree In the modified Tarot image, the upward-pointing triangle is the Supern
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ge was overlaid and supplanted by an image of the Tarot card "The Tower". Particular attention was someho
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level, the first thing I saw was an image of the Tarot card "The Lovers". This lasted only an instant; a... a bit. Seemed to work.) "Now, the Serpent of the Tarot card is not the serpent who climbs the Tree. The
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fabric. Her posture reminded me of the Crowley's Tarot card "The Star". But even more, it recalled one o... he opening image reflects the Water-Bearer of the Tarot card. But there is a strong Saturnian element in