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Talismans and Planetary Squares @caduceus:articles:2:2
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s the Hebrew alphabet to the Tree of Life and the Tarot. These changes should not pose too much of a prob
Deciphering the Golden Dawn @caduceus:articles:2:1
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x includes a Golden Dawn knowledge lecture on the Tarot which was extracted from the manuscript. In addi
The Method of Judging Questions according to Peter de Abano of Padua @caduceus:articles:2:1
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tems will be familiar with the role played by the Tarot not merely as a divinatory method but also as a s
Qabalah in Three Dimensions @caduceus:articles:1:4
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lphabet, astrological forces and the cards of the Tarot deck. The book concludes with a Tarot-based interpretation of the Chaldean system of decan correspondenc
“Our Father Rosicross is in his tomb” @caduceus:articles:2:4
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ed Pillars of Mercy and Severity described in the Tarot papers. At the center of that Sphere is Tiphareth... e threefold Agrippan cosmology referred to in the Tarot papers; below it is the sub-lunar realm; above it
Yesod @caduceus:qabalah
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o creative visualisation, focussed meditation (on Tarot cards for example), dreams (e.g. keeping a dream ... ems which emphasise pure intuition are best (e.g. Tarot, runes, tea-leaves, flights of birds, patterns on... t. The average New Age shop filled with crystals, Tarot cards, silver jewelry (lunar association), perfum
The Tree of Life Projected in the Third Dimension @caduceus:articles:2:4
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iagram below, from Robert Wang’s //The Qabalistic Tarot//, shows the development of the Tree of Life. He ... ion.html#text8|8]]. Robert Wang. //The Qabalistic Tarot: A Textbook of Mystical Philosophy//. Yorke Beach
Binah, Chokmah, Kether @caduceus:qabalah
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hes, and can be found on the "World" card of most Tarot packs. It is difficult to grasp the nature of Ch... n of books covering Eastern religions, astrology, Tarot, shamanism, crystals, theosophy, magick, Celtic a