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A. C. THE KEY TO THE TAROT. By A. E. WAITE. W. Rider and Sons, Limited. ... ar. Nobody but Mr. Waite knows "all" about the Tarot, it appears; and he won't tell. Reminds one of t... de) and well aware of the true attribution of the Tarot. Now, what I want to know is this: is Mr. Waite
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of necessity separated in the physical body. THE TAROT OF THE BOHEMIANS: The Most Ancient Book in the Wo... ., profusely illustrated, 6s. net. A PACK OF 78 TAROT CARDS: Exquisitely drawn and coloured, from new a... oduced. Price 6s. net, post free. THE KEY TO THE TAROT: Giving the history of the Tarot Cards, their allegorical meaning and the methods of divination for wh
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+ 21=“the” Sum of the Numbers of the Keys of the Tarot. Further, Amoun %%__%%_ the Winged Globe %%__%%_ ... th AEthyr.)24 The Cubical Svastika hath 78 faces=“Tarot” and Mezla. It is also HB:Aleph=“Air” and Zero. I
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e of divination: "e.g.", Geomancy, Astrology, the Tarot. Theoretical. He is given a meditation-practice o
Crown 8vo, Scarlet Buckram, pp. 64.
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ones, and animals. The information concerning the tarot and geomancy exceeds that to be found in some tre