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THE OCCULT ARTS, comprising: Divination --- The Tarot Cartomancy --- Crystal Gazing --- Clairvoyance --... nes, and animals. The information concerning the tarot and geomancy exceeds that to be found in some tre
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Cross and the arms has a total of 78 Faces --- Tarot and Mezla. scarlet lightning; his face is black, ... eems to be the chariot of the Seventh Key of {81} Tarot. But it is drawn by four sphinxes, diverse, like... nize it as the star in the seventeenth key of the Tarot, as the Star of Mercury. And the light of it com... Mercury; and within it are the ashes of the Book Tarot, which hath been utterly consumed. And this is
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Letters & ³ ³ ³ Numbers. ³ ³on Tarot Trumps³Col.VII.³English Equiv. ³ ³ ³ ... ism. We may glance in passing at the Yetziratic, Tarot, and significatory methods of investigating any w... 777". Thus א in the Yetziratic world is "Air," by Tarot "the Fool," and by signification "an ox." Thus we... ketch MS. by Frater P., giving his explanation by Tarot, etc., of the letters of the alphabet spelt in fu
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and Sir Edward Kelly; a tremendous volume on the Tarot; du Potet's "Magic Unveiled," translated by John