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A Discourse on the Second Article
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e World-Woman\\ Who became the World Trump in the Tarot\\ Which Crowley retitled “The Universe”\\ The med
A Discourse on the Pranava of the Creed
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ebrew qoph is one hundred,\\ And he discusses the tarot trump The Moon as <WRAP indent> a synthetic glyp
Researches and Recreations
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lchemies]]: Occultist's drink-mixing. * [[rummy|Tarot Rummy]]: Rules for a card game. **MISCELLANEOUS*
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he Hebrew alphabet and the 22 Trumps Major of the Tarot. The myriad septenaries of the Apocalypse have no
Sacred Weapons of the Mass
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|**Weapon**|**Element**|**Emanation**|**Sign** |**Tarot** |**Calendar** | |Lance |Fire
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he principal officers of the Mass in the guise of Tarot trumps: B = The Magician (Deacon), U = The Hierop
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TAROT RUMMY\\ by D.Th. This two-handed version of rummy using tarot attributions makes for a fun way to learn qabalis... 22 cards, numbered zero through XXI. Traditional tarot decks such as the Crowley/Harris and Rider/Waite decks or other popular tarot packs can be used, but they often pose a problem
The Thelemic Tersanctus of the Gnostic Mass
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to the Hebrew //aleph// and The Fool trump of the Tarot. He is wand-waving Iacchus. This Pure Fool is Par... ction of the Priest among the Major Arcana of the Tarot. //Gamma// is the Hebrew //gimel// and The High
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modeled on the Lust Trump from the Crowley-Harris Tarot. High on the eastern wall would be a stained glas
An Astral Account of the Gnostic Mass
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described in the Apocalypse X:1 and Atu XV of the Tarot, i.e. a "mighty angel come down from heaven, clot
A Discourse on the Third Article
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, whose glyph looks like a little snake\\ And the tarot card for //teth// is Strength\\ But in the Crowle... vi identifies this figure\\ With the Devil of the Tarot\\ And claims that its worship continues\\ Among t
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f the Hierophant card in the Crowley-Harris Thoth tarot deck. In the center is a variation of the Babalon... and Beast image from the Lust trump of the Thoth tarot, in which the Scarlet Woman's raised hand is empt