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Thelemic New Year
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nted and represented by [[Atu]] from major arcana tarot cards of the [[Book of Thoth]]. For 2019, Thelem
Thelemic Tephilah
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ted to the 22 Hebrew letters and their associated Tarot Trumps. These are the basis of such personal medi
Winter solstice
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|**Weapon**|**Element**|**Emanation**|**Sign** |**Tarot** |**Calendar** | |Paten |Earth
Summer solstice
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|**Weapon**|**Element**|**Emanation**|**Sign** |**Tarot** |**Calendar** | |Graal |Water
Edain McCoy
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, 2003 * [[amazon>073870508X|Past-Life & Karmic Tarot]], Llewellyn Publications, 2004 * [[amazon>0738
Moina Mathers
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n]]; [[Co-Masonry]]; [[Rosicrucian]]; Enochain; Tarot; Ceremonial Magick; [[Qabalist]]; Author / Artis
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s.”—[[/crowley/book-of-thoth/theory|Theory of the Tarot]] ==== Event ==== * [[Feast]] of [[Hermes]],
Éliphas Lévi
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tuals of the Sanctum Regnum - interpreted by the Tarot Trumps, 1892, tr. by [[William Wynn Westcott]],1
Phyllis Seckler
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-and-thelema/]] * [[hrmtcl>2013/07/31/the-thoth-tarot-astrology-other-selected-writings/]] * [[hrmtcl... Eds, //Phyllis Seckler (Soror Meral) – The Thoth Tarot, Astrology, & Other Selected Writings// [[amazon>
William Stirling
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lector; bred Clydesdale horses and sheep; thought TAROT came from TORA (or Thora as he spells The Law in
Pamela Colman Smith
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= * [[amazon>1572817623|Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot Deck]] * [[amazon>0976961229|Annancy Stories]] ... man-smith-the-mystic-woman-behind-the-rider-waite-tarot-deck/ * {{tag>person}}
Arthur Edward Waite
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London, United Kingdom ==== See also ==== * [[Tarot]] * [[Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn]] * [... ah]] * [[amazon>0486442551|Pictorial Key of the Tarot]] ==== References ==== * [[crowley:equinox:i:... nds === [[Pamela Colman Smith]], artist of the Tarot deck; [[Evelyn Underhill]], 1924; H.B. Kerby; ... === Author === Co-creator of the "Rider-Waite Tarot deck" and accompanying booklet and book The Picto
Abraham Abulafia
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aka Maaseh Merkabah; inspired the Visconti-Sforza Tarot deck; Evil is separation from God’s balance betwe... * *
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====== Tarot ====== "The Book of Thoth, a pictorial epitome of the Ancient Initiated Wisdom. A method of... crowley/little-essays-towards-truth/glossary]] ==== Search the Hermetic Library ==== * [[thls>tarot]]