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n the Double Letters and the planets to work with Tarot Trumps. The other methods do not work as well with the G.'. D.'. Tarot-Astrological system, and they are therefore exclu
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c" angels, after the four elemental Kerubs of the Tarot cards. The angels of the Lesser Angles are assig... e to Enochian Magick_, _Enochian Yoga_, _Enochian Tarot_, _Enochian Physics_, etc. All published by Llewe... ng opinions as to their usefulness. His "Enochian Tarot" is worth purchasing for the artwork by Sallie Gl
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Of the Chess King and the Tarot Ace The move of this piece is one square... Of the Chess Knight, the Tarot King The move of this piece is three sq... . Of the Chess Queen, The Tarot Queen The move of this piece is unto ... Of Chess Bishop or Fool, the Tarot Prince The move is this piece is any nu
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e four boards must be used at any given time. In Tarot, the Element of Air, the Sword suit, indicates... be employed. The Fire Board will represent the Tarot suit of Wands, implying swiftness, energy, activity. The Water Board indicates the Tarot suit of Cups of pleasure, happiness, merry-makin... ix pieces to the thirty-six decante cards of the Tarot.) The game is played by four players, representin