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Getting Started in the Sixties: Kabbala and the Counter-Culture
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n, astrologer and into divination by pendulum and Tarot (traditional pack) ; Dave, artist and musician ; ... storian. John encouraged a group interest in the Tarot ; following up this subject came references to A.... te (although he gets a "bad press" today, and his Tarot design does not appeal to everyone, he was the "g... iod bibliography', below). Discussion followed ; tarots were read, ritual studied, aims and objectives i
The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
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ed //Liber 777//. They have much relevance to the Tarot and other practical workings. Both books mentione
Temples, Portals and Vaults
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wn introduction, diagrams, and figures, including tarot cards for each path. Those familiar with Zalekwski's //The Magical Tarot of the Golden Dawn// will find that these tarot cards differ from those used in his first self-published... released before the publication of //The Magical Tarot of the Golden Dawn//, which was published a few y
Glossary of Commonly Used Terms in the Western Mystery Tradition
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that organisation, with a strong emphasis on the Tarot, and a system of cosmology known as the "Cube of ... ars in the sky at ones birth, a random dealing of Tarot Cards, etc.) can suggest to the diviner the hidde... ology|Astrology]], [[#geomancy|Geomancy]], the [[#tarot|Tarot]], and the [[#i-ching|I Ching]]. ===== E ===== ==== Elements ==== Before the Elements of moder
Historicus Verus
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asters of amalgamation also interlaced Enochiana, tarot, astrology and geomancy into the Golden Dawn syst