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Chapter VIII The Tradition of the Golden Age
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gard to Hermes, He who has given us His Book, the Tarot, as a true token of remembrance, of Whom we have ... th the teaching herein set forth, the Keys of the Tarot, and the Reformulation of the Paths. It is enough
Chapter VI Further Light on the Tree of Life
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thus entering Gemini. This seems indicated in the Tarot Trump "The Moon" where we notice the Beetle comin
Chapter V The Mystery of Babalon and the Beast
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sometimes called the Redeemer. Exoterically this Tarot Key is said to signify: "Enforced and not volunta
Chapter IV The Sun, The Devil, and the Redeemer
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un at the Dark Stage, and from Pisces which is by Tarot the "Moon". These together make the True Gold of ... ruth, as indicated by the Path of Pisces, and the Tarot Key "The Moon". The Primal idea of the Supreme as... . The Figure of Baphomet, or the XVth Key of the Tarot, depicts the Symbolism of Tiphereth perfectly, fr
Chapter III More Light on the Tarot Trumps
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gif?562x19}} ===== Chapter III More Light on the Tarot Trumps ===== In the Appendix to "Q. B. L. or The... ibility of arranging the Twenty-two Trumps of the Tarot on the Paths of the Tree of Life so that the Astr... lkuth. On the Path from Kether to Chokmah is the Tarot Trump called "The Wheel of Fortune," the Key of D... h, and from Binah to Tiphereth. According to the Tarot Keys these are "The Sun" and "The Devil"; the twi
The Egyptian Revival or The Ever-Coming Son in The Light of the Tarot
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evival or The Ever-Coming Son in The Light of the Tarot ===== ==== By Frater Achad ==== ==== ==== ===... rd to the Universal Tradition as disclosed by the Tarot Trumps. Some months ago, I prepared a treatise e... d that the inquiry is by no means exhausted. The Tarot Trumps, being a sort of Universal Alphabet, may o... L. If by this means we obtain "More Light on the Tarot Trumps" and the Universal Tradition, which transc