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Notes on the Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram
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//occult methods//: such as divination, geomancy, tarot, astrology, and basic alchemical theory. Rituals
Additional Notes on The Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram
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willfully, and without fear.  In this regard, the Tarot card of //The Chariot// best exemplifies the mean... lements.  This can be accomplished by placing the tarot card for the appropriate Sign in the Quarter, or
Commentary on Zodiacal Magic
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of the sign; 5) the archangel of the Sign; 6) the Tarot Card of the Sign; 7) and the Hebrew Letter Corres... alah of the// //Golden Dawn// by Pat Zalewski. **Tarot Card of the Sign** The tarot trumps are often used in conjunction with Pathworking, as well as zodiacal... th.  Also, One of the first authors of the modern tarot, Oswald Wirth, places the Major Arcane on the Sep