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SIJIL: The Triple Rose of the Adept Chamber
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Love, the Ranters, the Antinomians, the Diggers, William Blake (Christian Druidism); the revolutionary churches
Cybernetics & Entheogenics: From Cyberspace to Neurospace
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rganic. But as we get toward the "Satanic mills" (Blake) and the English working class of Engels, machini... never leaves the room, like a hideous vision of a William Gibson novel. We would be well advised to redisco
Hakim Bey Talks with users of Public Netbase March 18.1995
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lly what kicked me off on thinking about this was William Burroughs in an interview he did with a very smal... ished then you become a slave of your own system. Blake said, that he had to have a system of his own or
Religion and Revolution @bey:millennium
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with rationalist radicalism (the nascent "left"); William Blake, for example, or the "Blaspheming Chapels" of Spe
Part 2a
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evision; Adam Exit; & the Moorish Cosmopolitan of Williamsburg) ---- ==== COMMUNIQUE #6 I. Salon Apocaly... of potsherds a living system of our own--lest (as Blake warned) we become slaves to someone else's. %%//%