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ry there was none found to give it Voice."\\ Poor Blake! (William Blake, you know! Never heard of William Blake?)\\ "For this school it is quite impossible that Shakespeare, for example, should possess any cons... ly. It seems a pity that Mr. Waite has no use for William Shakespeare!\\ The fact is (whatever George Hume
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SANCTUARY. BY COUNCILLOR VON ECKARTSHAUSEN. William Rider and Son. We shall be very sorry if any o... TRANGE HOUSES OF SLEEP. BY ARTHUR EDWARD WAITE. William Rider and Sons, 12"s." 6"d." net. I have ... SPIRIT, AND THE COSMOS. By H. STANLEY REDGROVE. William Rider and Sons. 2"s." 6"d." ... Chapter vi. is more about James. We love our William dearly, but we hate to see dogs trotting about wi
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attempt to sing the mysteries of mysticism, since Blake wrote his 'Prophetic Books.'" ___ THE STAR. "Un... little volume will be indispensable." ___ GLOBE. WILLIAM RIDER & SON, Ltd., 164 Aldersgate St., London, E.... r of Psychiatry, University of Toronto. TOM A. WILLIAMS, M.D. Crown 8vo, cloth, 4/6 net; post free 4/... ets and approved Medicines. Published by Ralph Williams. Hereunto is annexed, the Physicall Mathematick