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Liber XLVI The Key of the Mysteries
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d but persist in his folly, he would become wise.—WILLIAM BLAKE. If we close our eyes to the defects of our neig... hargy. It was after a lethargy of this kind that William Postel, recalled to life by Mother Jeanne, reappe... s to complete our work by giving the great key of William Postel. {Illustration on page 288 described:
Preface to Androcles and the Lion: On the Prospects of Christianity
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ves him abjectly and instantly. Had a bishop told William the Conqueror that the sun was seventy-seven miles distant from the earth, William would have believed him not only out of respect f... d of St. Dunstan, Luther, Bunyan, Swedenborg, and Blake. CREDULITY NO CRITERION. This arbitrary accept... o all eternity. And sceptical physicists like Sir William Crookes demonstrate by laboratory experiments tha
The Gospel According to Saint Bernard Shaw
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nealogically inclined may be pleased to recognize William Blake) until the Great Revival, initiated by certain pe... d of St. Dunstan, Luther, Bunyan, Swedenborg, and Blake." Part of this is exceedingly amusing. Mr. Shaw
Annotated Liber XV {Book 15} O. T. O.
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aupt]], [[Wolfgang von Goethe]], [[/hermeneuticon/William Blake]], [[/hermeneuticon/Ludovicus Rex Bavariae]], [[/... , Kah-moor-et, Part-sif-ahl, Kah-rohl-us Mag-nus, William of Shi-rehn, Frederick of Hoh-en-shtau (like cow)
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from worry, and his heart high. He has come, with William Blake, to the Palace of Wisdom by the Road of Excess. H