Unicursal JUSTICE LIGHT LIBERTY Propaganda Poster from Hermetic Library Office of the Ministry of Information

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“Let all the world keep silence at our peace;
Let France retreat and Russia step aside
From their encroachments, bid their envy cease
Stricken by Fear, who see our strength increase
By comradeship that quickens to abide,
A bond of justice, light, and liberty,
To make the wide earth free
As the wild waves that slake the passion of the sea.”

— Aleister Crowley's An Appeal to the American Republic

“And we are still babbling of the Cause of Liberty, and the Banner of the Democracies, and the Truth, and the Righteousness, and the Justice, and the Equality, and the Humanity, and the Progress, when every man that is not stultified beyond the surgery of war by his own hypocrisies, knows well that the battle is a battle of over-population, the hæmorrhage of a plethora, and that its terms are merely 'My life or yours!'—'The hammer or the anvil?'“
— Aleister Crowley's The Vindication of Nietzsche