Unicursal LET THE FLAG OF FREEDOM FLY from Hermetic Library Office of the Ministry of Information

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“In war and earthquake, wreck and wrong,
Still let the flag of freedom fly!
In peace and safety, still be strong!
For we will live as we would die.
Ashes to ashes? Dust to dust?
So let it be! In God we trust.”
— Aleister Crowley, A Hymn for the American People, International, Vol XII Iss 3 (March, 1918) also

“Be not caught within that web, O child of Freedom! Be not entangled in the universal lie, O child of Truth!”
— Aleister Crowley, ΚΕΦΑΛΗ Κ Sampson in Liber CCCXXXIII, The Book of Lies

“The breath of Thy voice was as Freedom!
The nations did tremble with fear”
— Aleister Crowley, בראשית — An Essay on Ontology

“The precepts of morality and religion are thus of use, of vital use to us, in restraining the more violent forces alike of nature and of man. For unless law and order prevail, we have not the necessary quiet and resources for investigating, and learning to bring under our control, all the divergent phenomena of our prison, a work which we undertake that at last we may be able to break down the walls, and find that freedom which an inconsiderate Inversion has denied.”
— Jack Parsons, Liber 49

“The Bull is Osiris or Jesus: he complains of the terrible things that are Happening, especially the Freedom (which he thinks shamelessness) or Woman. He does not understand the New Aeon, or that he is about to be destroyed. He is in the West, i.e. going into Oblivion.”
— Aleister Crowley, Footnote 4 to The Cry of the 29th Aethyr, Which is Called RII

“Each member must make it his main work to discover for himself his own true will, and to do it, and do nothing else.

It is not considered “essential to right conduct” to be an active propagandist of the Law, and so on; it may, or may not, be the True Will of any particular person to do so. But since the fundamental purpose of the Order is to further the Attainment of humanity, membership implies, by definition, the Will to help mankind by the means best adapted thereto.

He must accept those orders in the Book of the Law that apply to himself as being necessarily in accordance with his own true will, and execute the same to the letter with all the energy, courage, and ability that he can command. This applies especially to the work of extending the Law in the world, wherein his proof is his own success, the witness of his Life to the Law that hath given him light in his ways, and liberty to pursue them. Thus doing, he payeth his debt to the Law that hath freed him by working its will to free all men; and he proveth himself a true man in our Order by willing to bring his fellows into freedom.”

— Aleister Crowley, One Star in Sight

“Members of the Order are to regard those without its pale as possessing no rights of any kind, since they have not accepted the Law, and are therefore, as it were, troglodytes, survivals of a past civilisation, and to be treated accordingly. Kindness should be shown towards them, as towards any other animal, and every effort should be made to bring them into Freedom.”
— Aleister Crowley, Liber CI, An Open Letter to Those Who May Wish to Join the Order Enumerating the Duties and Privileges

“All Brethren may expect the warmest co-operation in their pleasures and amusements from other members of the Order. The perfect freedom and security afforded by the Law allows the characters of all Brethren to expand to the very limits of their nature, and the great joy and gladness with which they are constantly overflowing make them the best of companions.”
— Aleister Crowley, Liber CI, An Open Letter to Those Who May Wish to Join the Order Enumerating the Duties and Privileges