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“You know well that which is spoke, “Seek Beauty! In Beauty is eternal Truth revealed!” The artist is he who can discover Beauty in all things, for nothing is common or unclean; and by unvarying determination to discover beauty man comes to the heaven of the artist. By beauty, moreover, We mean not any conventional type of sensuous beauty: it lies in the dwarfs of Velasquez and the monsters of Rabelais as in the women of Titian and the heroes of Homer; nor shall one brother do otherwise than lament if he be so limited in vision that he cannot see beauty in that which enchants another.”
Aleister Crowley, Liber CXXIV - Of Eden and the Sacred Oak

“The arts of medicine and archery and divination were discovered by Apollo, under the guidance of love and desire; so that he too is a disciple of Love. Also the melody of the Muses, the metallurgy of Hephaestus, the weaving of Athene, the empire of Zeus over gods and men, are all due to Love, who was the inventor of them. And so Love set in order the empire of the gods-the love of beauty, as is evident, for with deformity Love has no concern. In the days of old, as I began by saying, dreadful deeds were done among the gods, for they were ruled by Necessity; but now since the birth of Love, and from the Love of the beautiful, has sprung every good in heaven and earth.”
—Plato, Symposium by Plato

“The artist illumines unseen beauties and awakens us to the utility of beauty as pleasure of a more permanent kind.”
Austin Osman Spare, The Logomachy of Zos

“And I — yes, goddess! in this passionate
Life in our secret mountain, well I know
Thy beauty, and Thy love (although they be
Infinite, far beyond the mortal mind,
Body, or soul to touch, to comprehend.
And dwell in), that the utter intimate
Knowledge of Thee, if once I ravelled out
Thy secret, laid Thee naked to the bone —
Nay, to the marrow! were to come, aware,
Face to face full with deity itself.
And this I strive at! Therefore is my love
Wholly in tune with that concealed desire
Bred in each mortal, though he never know
(Few do know), to transcend the bound of things,
And find in Death the purpose of this life.”
Aleister Crowley, TANNHÄUSER

“The books of all wisdom are hidden in the cave of the Witch of Atlas, who is one of his personifications of beauty, and when she moves over the enchanted river that is an image of all life, the priests cast aside their deceits, and the king crowns an ape to mock his own sovereignty, and the soldiers gather about the anvils to beat their swords to ploughshares, and lovers cast away their timidity, and friends are united; while the power, which in Laon and Cythna, awakens the mind of the reformer to contend, and itself contends, against the tyrannies of the world, is first seen, as the star of love or beauty.”
William Butler Yeats, The Philosophy of Shelley’s Poetry

“There is another kind of exact science, however, which consists in recognizing not merely the appearance of things but the soul whose symbols they are. This sort of really exact science is not merely the result of external observations, but has for its basis the recognition of principles. It requires for its acquisition the capacity to feel and realize the presence of that which is invisible, high, and elevating in nature; to discern that truth, beauty, justice, benevolence, etc., are not mere forms of speech, or adopted “ethics,” but principles, capable of developing into actual powers; also a clear mind, a sound judgment, and a certain degree of purity of heart.”
Franz Hartmann, The Correlation of Spiritual Forces

“Beauty and strength come from doing one's Will; you have only to look at any one who is doing it to recognize the glory of it.”
Aleister Crowley, New Comment on Liber AL vel Legis, Chapter II, 20

“Certainly neither Being nor Beauty springs from evil or from the neutral; the maker, as the more consummate, must surpass the made.”
—Plotinus, 5