Unicursal Sabo Cat Magick Union Dept 666 One Big Egregore

In a reply, to a now deleted tweet (idek, whatever) where someone was talking about forming a magick union, I humbly suggested forming an IWW Dept. 666 within the Public Services! Also, as something of an aside An Esoteric Interpretation of the I.W.W. Preamble by Hakim Bey is now on the site.

I mean, sabo-cat is obviously a black cat witch familiar. Fight me.

Don't be a cowan, organize!

Heart Girt with a General Strike.

The design of the poster and the sabo cat image are inspired by I.W.W.'s Beware Sabotage / Good Pay or Bum Work poster from the early 20th century. If you're curious about Sabo Cat (aka Black Cat / Sabo-Tabby) check out this archived page for a bit of history. And, if you're a worker, and not an employer, even if a student, retiree, unemployed, self-employed, informally employed, & so on … consider joining IWW. If enough people from across what I've called the Town-Gown-Tau spectrum join, this imaginary idea for organizing around esoteric and occult work might be made manifest as an actual dept.