Tablet of Union
             EXARP   Air of SPIRIT      HCOMA   Water of SPIRIT
             NANTA   Earth of SPIRIT    BITOM   Fire of SPIRIT
              EHNB   Spirit of Spirit    XCAI  Air of Spirit
              AONT   Water of Spirit     RMTO  Fire of Spirit
                           PAAM   Fire of Spirit
                             Secret Holy Names
 ORO IBAH AOZPI  He who cries aloud in the place of desolation   : AIR
 MPH ARSL GAIOL  He who is the 1st true creator,the horned one   : WATER
 MOR DIAL HCTGA  He who burns up iniquity without equal          : EARTH
 OIP TEAA PDOCE  He whose name is unchanged from what it was     : FIRE
                              The Great Kings
      BATAIVAH    He whose voice seems to have wings    : AIR
      RAAGIOSL    He whose hands are toward the East    : WATER
      ICZHIHAL    He who solidifies the past            : EARTH
      EDLPRNAA    He who is first to recieve the flames : FIRE
                                The Seniors
      HABIORO     He whose voice is low               : AIR: Mars
      AAOZAIF     He who frequents the ways           : AIR: Jupiter
      AHAOZPI     He who is in his place              : AIR: Venus
      AVTOTAR     He who listens                      : AIR: Mercury
      HTMORDA     He who has a son                    : AIR: Moon
      HIPOTGA     He who is like nothing else         : AIR: Saturn
      LAOAXRP     He who is first in arrogance        : WATER: Moon
      SONIZNT     He who has the saving water         : WATER: Mercury
      LSRAHPM     He who slays                        : WATER: Mars
      SLGAIOL     He who made the spirit              : WATER: Venus
      LIGDISA     He who has no head                  : WATER: Saturn
      SAIINOV     He who has a temple                 : WATER: Jupiter
      LAIDROM     He who knows the secrets of truth   : EARTH: Mars
      ALHCTGA     He who is most like a spirit        : EARTH: Venus
      AHMLICV     He who is most ancient              : EARTH: Mercury
      ACZINOR     He who is from the dark waters      : EARTH: Jupiter
      LIIANSA     He who is first in truth            : EARTH: Saturn
      LZINOPO     He who is first in the deep waters  : EARTH: Moon
      ALNDVOD     He who will serve herein            : FIRE: Moon
      AAPDOCE     He whose name remains the same      : FIRE: Venus
      ARINNAP     He who protects with a sword        : FIRE: Saturn
      AAETPIO     He who seeks his place              : FIRE: Mars
      ADOEOET     He who sings like a bird            : FIRE: Jupiter
      ANODOIN     He who is open to others            : FIRE: Mercury
                         The Calvary Cross Angels
   IDOIGO   He who sits on the Holy Throne          air of AIR
   ARDZA    He who protects                         air of AIR
   LLACZA   He who is first to precipitate          water of AIR
   PALAM    He who is on the path                   water of AIR
   AIAOAI   He who is within and amoung you         earth of AIR
   OIIIT    He who is, but also is not              earth of AIR
   AOVRRZ   He who beautifies                       fire of AIR
   ALOAI    He who is from a succession             fire of AIR
   OBGOTA   He who is like a garland                air of WATER
   AABCO    He who is bent over                     air of WATER
   NELAPR   He who must have his way                water of WATER
   OMEBB    He who knows                            water of WATER
   MALADI   He who shoots arrows                    earth of WATER
   OLAAD    He who created birds                    earth of WATER
   IAAASD   He who is in truth                      fire of WATER
   ATAPA    He who bears a likeness                 fire of WATER
   ANGPOI   He who divides thoughts                 air of EARTH
   VNNAX    He whose great name is All              air of EARTH
   ANAEEM   He who is nine times obedient           water of EARTH
   SONDN    He who has a kingdom                    water of EARTH
   ABALPT   He who stoops down                      earth of EARTH
   ARBIZ    He whose voice protects                 earth of EARTH
   OPMNIR   He who increases knowledge              fire of EARTH
   ILPIZ    He whose place is the Aethyrs           fire of EARTH
   NOALMR   He who is first to bring about torment  air of FIRE
   OLOAG    He who makes nothing                    air of FIRE
   VADALI   He who has the Secret Truth             water of FIRE
   OBAUA    He who has half of truth                water of FIRE
   UOLXDO   He whose name is Annihilation           earth of FIRE
   SIODA    He who is eternal                       earth of FIRE
   RZIONR   He who is in the waters of the Sun      fire of FIRE
   NRZFM    He who visits here six times            fire of FIRE
                The Kerubic Archangels & Kerubim they rule
     Archangel               Kerubim                   Sub-quadrant
     ERZLA        controls RZLA;ZLAR;LARZ;ARZL         air of AIR
     EYTPA        controls YTPA;TPAY;PAYT;AYTP         water of AIR
     HTNBR        controls TNBR;NBRT;BRTN;RTNB         earth of AIR
     HXGSD        controls XGSD;GSDX;SDXG;DXGS         fire of AIR
     ETAAD        controls TAAD;AADT;ADTA;DTAA         air of WATER
     ETDIM        controls TDIM;DIMT;IMTD;MTDI         water of WATER
     HMAGL        controls MAGL;AGLM;GLMA;LMAG         earth of WATER
     HNLRX        controls NLRX;LRXN;RXNL;XNLR         fire of WATER
     ABOZA        controls BOZA;OZAB;ZABO;ABOZ         air of EARTH
     APHRA        controls PHRA;HRAP;RAPH;APHR         water of EARTH
     POCNC        controls OCNC;CNCO;NCOC;COCN         earth of EARTH
     PASMT        controls ASMT;SMTA;MTAS;TASM         fire of EARTH
     ADOPA        controls DOPA;OPAD;PADO;ADOP         air of FIRE
     AANAA        controls ANAA;NAAA;AAAN;AANA         water of FIRE
     PPSAC        controls PSAC;SACP;ACPS;CPSA         earth of FIRE
     PZIZA        controls ZIZA;IZAZ;ZAZI;AZIZ         fire of FIRE
                            The Kerubic Angels
          The Names of the Sixteen Good Angels Skilled and Potent
                  In Understanding the Secrets of All Men
     RZLA    and companions: ZLAR, LARZ, and ARZL     air of AIR
     TAAD    and companions: AADT, ADTA, and DTAA     air of WATER
     BOZA    and companions: OZAB, ZABO, and ABOZ     air of EARTH
     DOPA    and companions: OPAD, PADO, and ADOP     air of FIRE
            The Names of the Sixteen Good Angels who are Potent
                           In Changing of Place
     YTPA    and companions: TPAY, PAYT, and AYTP     water of AIR
     TDIM    and companions: DIMT, IMTD, and MTDI     water of WATER
     PHRA    and companions: HRAP, RAPH, and APHR     water of EARTH
     ANAA    and companions: NAAA, AAAN, and AANA     water of FIRE
          The Names of the Sixteen Good Angels Skilled and Potent
                            In Mechanical Arts
     TNBR    and companions: NBRT, BRTN, and RTNB     earth of AIR
     MAGL    and companions: AGLM, GLMA, and LMAG     earth of WATER
     OCNC    and companions: CNCO, NCOC, and COCN     earth of EARTH
     PSAC    and companions: SACP, ACPS, and CPSA     earth of FIRE
       The Names of the Sixteen Good Angels that are Skilled and Potent
                         In the Mixture of Natures
     XGSD    and companions:  GSDX, SDXG, and DXGS    fire of AIR
     NLRX    and companions:  LRXN, RXNL, and XNLR    fire of WATER
     ASMT    and companions:  SMTA, MTAS, and TASM    fire of EARTH
     ZIZA    and companions:  IZAZ, ZAZI, and AZIZ    fire of FIRE
                              Servient Angels
    The Names of the Sixty-four Good Angels That Comprehend the Species
       and Uses of the Living Creatures in Each of the Four Elements
 CZNS   and companions:  ZNSC, NSCZ, and SCZN   *EX angel - air of AIR
 TOTT   and companions:  OTTT, TTTO, and TTOT   *LU angel - air of AIR
 SIAS   and companions:  IASS, ASSI, and SSIA   *HI angel - air of AIR
 FMND   and companions:  MNDF, NDFM, and DFMN   *SH angel - air of AIR
 TOCO   and companions:  OCOT, COTO, and OTOC   *EX angel - air of WATER
 NHDD   and companions:  HDDN, DDNH, and DNHD   *LU angel - air of WATER
 PAAX   and companions:  AAXP, AXPA, and XPAA   *HI angel - air of WATER
 SAIX   and companions:  AIXS, IXSA, and XSAI   *SH angel - air of WATER
 AIRA   and companions:  IRAA, RAAI, and AAIR   *EX angel - air of EARTH
 ORMN   and companions:  RMNO, MNOR, and NORM   *LU angel - air of EARTH
 RSNI   and companions:  SNIR, NIRS, and IRSN   *HI angel - air of EARTH
 IZNR   and companions:  ZNRI, NRIZ, and RIZN   *SH angel - air of EARTH
 OPMN   and companions:  PMNO, MNOP, and NOPM   *EX angel - air of FIRE
 APST   and companions:  PSTA, STAP, and TAPS   *LU angel - air of FIRE
 SCIO   and companions:  CIOS, IOSC, and OSCI   *HI angel - air of FIRE
 VASG   and companions:  ASGV, SGVA, and GVAS   *SH angel - air of FIRE
    The Names of the Sixty-four Good Angels Most Skilled and Effective
                    In Medicine and the Cure of Sickness
 OYVB   and companions:  YVBO, VBOY, and BOYV   *EX angel - water of AIR
 PAOC   and companions:  AOCP, OCPA, and CPAO   *LU angel - water of AIR
 RBNH   and companions:  BNHR, NHRB, and HRBN   *HI angel - water of AIR
 DIRI   and companions:  IRID, RIDI, and IDIR   *SH angel - water of AIR
 MAGM   and companions:  AGMM, GMMA, and MMAG   *EX angel - water of WATER
 LEOC   and companions:  EOCL, OCLE, and CLEO   *LU angel - water of WATER
 VSSN   and companions:  SSNV, SNVS, and NVSS   *HI angel - water of WATER
 RVOI   and companions:  VOIR, OIRV, and IRVO   *SH angel - water of WATER
 OMGG   and companions:  MGGO, GGOM, and GOMG   *EX angel - water of EARTH
 GBAL   and companions:  BALG, ALGB, and LGBA   *LU angel - water of EARTH
 RLMV   and companions:  LMVR, MVRL, and VRLM   *HI angel - water of EARTH
 IAHL   and companions:  AHLI, HLIA, and LIAH   *SH angel - water of EARTH
 GMNM   and companions:  MNMG, NMGM, and MGMN   *EX angel - water of FIRE
 ECOP   and companions:  COPE, OPEC, and PECO   *LU angel - water of FIRE
 AMOX   and companions:  MOXA, OXAM, and XAMO   *HI angel - water of FIRE
 BRAP   and companions:  RAPB, APBR, and PBRA   *SH angel - water of FIRE
     The Names of the Sixty-four Good Angels Who Are Skilled and Potent
      In the Discovery, Collecting, Use and Intrinsic Power of Metals,
            and also in the Combining of Stones and Their Powers
 ABMO   and companions:  BMOA, MOAB, and OABM   *EX angel - earth of AIR
 NACO   and companions:  ACON, CONA, and ONAC   *LU angel - earth of AIR
 OCNM   and companions:  CNMO, NMOC, and MOCN   *HI angel - earth of AIR
 SHAL   and companions:  HALS, ALSH, and LSHA   *SH angel - earth of AIR
 PACO   and companions:  ACOP, COPA, and OPAC   *EX angel - earth of WATER
 NDZN   and companions:  DZNN, ZNND, and NNDZ   *LU angel - earth of WATER
 IIPO   and companions:  IPOI, POII, and OIIP   *HI angel - earth of WATER
 XRNH   and companions:  RNHX, NHXR, and HXRN   *SH angel - earth of WATER
 OPNA   and companions:  PNAO, NAOP, and AOPN   *EX angel - earth of EARTH
 DOOP   and companions:  OOPD, OPDO, and PDOO   *LU angel - earth of EARTH
 RXAO   and companions:  XAOR, AORX, and ORXA   *HI angel - earth of EARTH
 AXIR   and companions:  XIRA, IRAX, and RAXI   *SH angel - earth of EARTH
 DATT   and companions:  ATTD, TTDA, and TDAT   *EX angel - earth of FIRE
 DIOM   and companions:  IOMD, OMDI, and MDIO   *LU angel - earth of FIRE
 OOPZ   and companions:  OPZO, PZOO, and ZOOP   *HI angel - earth of FIRE
 RGAN   and companions:  GANR, ANRG, and NRGA   *SH angel - earth of FIRE
            The Names of the Sixty-four Angels Who Are Skilled
                      and Powerful In Transformation
 ACCA   and companions:  CCAA, CAAC, and AACC   *EX angel - fire of AIR
 NPNT   and companions:  PNTN, NTNP, and TNPN   *LU angel - fire of AIR
 OTOI   and companions:  TOIO, OIOT, and IOTO   *HI angel - fire of AIR
 PMOX   and companions:  MOXP, OXPM, and XPMO   *SH angel - fire of AIR
 XPCN   and companions:  PCNX, CNXP, and NXPC   *EX angel - fire of WATER
 VASA   and companions:  ASAV, SAVA, and AVAS   *LU angel - fire of WATER
 DAPI   and companions:  APID, PIDA, and IDAP   *HI angel - fire of WATER
 RNIL   and companions:  NILR, ILRN, and LRNI   *SH angel - fire of WATER
 MSAP   and companions:  SAPM, APMS, and PMSA   *EX angel - fire of EARTH
 IABA   and companions:  ABAI, BAIA, and AIAB   *LU angel - fire of EARTH
 IZXP   and companions:  ZXPI, XPIZ, and PIZX   *HI angel - fire of EARTH
 STIM   and companions:  TIMS, IMST, and MSTI   *SH angel - fire of EARTH
 ADRE   and companions:  DREA, READ, and EADR   *EX angel - fire of FIRE
 SISP   and companions:  ISPS, SPSI, and PSIS   *LU angel - fire of FIRE
 PALI   and companions:  ALIP, LIPA, and IPAL   *HI angel - fire of FIRE
 ACAR   and companions:  CARA, ARAC, and RACA   *SH angel - fire of FIRE
  • EX = Excellent (Arch)angel - 3rd line Elemental sub-quadrant
  • LU = Luminous (Arch)angel - 4th line Elemental sub-quadrant
  • HI = High (Arch)angel - 5th line Elemental sub-quadrant
  • SH = Shining (Arch)angel - 6th line Elemental sub-quadrant
            The Daemonic Rulers and the Cacodaemons they Control
 OGIODI and AZDRA    controls  XCZ, ATO, RSI, PFM    *CC air of AIR
 AZCALL and MALAP    controls  XOY, APA, RRB, PDI    *CC water of AIR
 IAOAIA and TIIIO    controls  CAB, ONA, MOC, ASH    *CC earth of AIR
 ZRRUOA and IAOLA    controls  CAC, ONP, MOT, APM    *CC fire of AIR
 ATOGBO and OCBAA    controls  XTO, ANH, RPA, PSA    *CC air of WATER
 RPALEN and BBEMO    controls  XMA, ALE, RVS, PRV    *CC water of WATER
 IDALAM and DAALO    controls  CPA, OND, MII, AXR    *CC earth of WATER
 DSAAAI and APATA    controls  CXP, OVA, MDA, ARN    *CC fire of WATER
 IOPGNA and XANNU    controls  MAI, OOR, CRS, HIZ    *CC air of EARTH
 MEEANA and NDNOS    controls  MOM, OGB, CRL, HIA    *CC water of EARTH
 TPLABA and ZIBRA    controls  ROP, ADO, XRX, EAX    *CC earth of EARTH
 RINMPO and ZIPLI    controls  RMS, AIA, XIZ, EST    *CC fire of EARTH
 RMLAON and GAOLO    controls  MOP, OAP, CSC, HVA    *CC air of FIRE
 ILADAV and AUABO    controls  MGM, OEC, CAM, HBR    *CC water of FIRE
 ODXLOU and ADOIS    controls  RDA, ADI, XOO, ERG    *CC earth of FIRE
 RNOIZR and MFZRN    controls  RAD, ASI, XPA, EAC    *CC fire of FIRE
                                 The Aires
          1 LIL     The First Aethyr
          2 ARN     Aethyr of fulfillment
          3 ZOM     Aethyr of self knowledge
          4 PAZ     Aethyr of impending expression
          5 LIT     Aethyr that is without a supreme being
          6 MAZ     Aethyr of appearances
          7 DEO     Aethyr of selfishness
          8 ZID     Aethyr of one's God
          9 ZIP     Aethyr for those who are not
         10 ZAX     Aethyr of the One with a Great Name
         11 ICH     Aethyr of tension
         12 LOE     The first aethyr of glory
         13 ZIM     Aethyr of application
         14 VTA     Aethyr of semblances
         15 OXO     Aethyr of dancing
         16 LEA     The first aethyr of the (higher) self
         17 TAN     Aethyr of ones equilibrium
         18 ZEN     Aethyr of sacrifice
         19 POP     Aethyr of division
         20 CHR     Aethyr of the wheel
         21 ASP     Aethyr of causation
         22 LIN     Aethyr of the void
         23 TOR     Aethyr that sustains
         24 NIA     Aethyr of traveling
         25 VTI     Aethyr of change
         26 DES     Aethyr that accepts that which is
         27 ZAA     Aethyr of solitude
         28 BAG     Aethyr of doubt
         29 RII     Aethyr of the mercy of heaven
         30 TEX     Aethyr that is in 4 parts
 Govenor           Meaning of Name                       Div:Aethyr:Tablet
 OCCODON     He whose name is Renewal                         1:LIL:WATER
 PASCOMB     He who precedes understanding                    2:LIL:WATER
 VALGARS     He who works with that which is                  3:LIL:WATER
 DOAGNIS     She who comes without a name                     1:ARN:WATER
 PACASNA     She who is unchanged by time                     2:ARN:WATER
 DIALOIA     The god where truth is                           3:ARN:WATER
 SAMAPHA     He who is with continuity                        1:ZOM:WATER
 VIROOLI     He who made the first nest                       2:ZOM:WATER
 ANDISPI     He who binds into obedience                      3:ZOM:WATER
 THOTANP     She whose visits brings victory                  1:PAZ:WATER
 AXXIARG     He whose name is Flame                           2:PAZ:WATER
 POTHNIR     Son of the three fold throne                     3:PAZ:WATER
 LAZDIXI     He who has no supreme name                       1:LIT:WATER
 NOCAMAL     He who is servant of the arrow                   2:LIT:WATER
 TIARPAX     He whose name means truth                        3:LIT:WATER
 SAXTOMP     She whose name means understanding               1:MAZ:FIRE
 VAUAAMP     He who initiates action                          2:MAZ:FIRE
 ZIRZIRD     He who was and will be                           3:MAZ:FIRE
 OPMACAS     He who is from the beginning                     1:DEO:FIRE
 GENADOL     He who only attracts                             2:DEO:FIRE
 ASPIAON     She who precedes inner truth                     3:DEO:FIRE
 ZAMFRES     He who appears when praised                      1:ZID:FIRE
 TODNAON     He who is and will be                            2:ZID:FIRE
 PRISTAC     He who has the likeness of a Holy One            3:ZID:FIRE
 ODDIORG     He of fire and justice                           1:ZIP:FIRE
 CRALPIR     He of bright joy                                 2:ZIP:FIRE
 DOANZIN     He who names the waters                          3:ZIP:FIRE
 LEXARPH     He who is first of the air                       1:ZAX:BLK CRS
 COMANAN     He who knows how to manifest                     2:ZAX:Blk CRS
 TABITOM     He who is like fire                              3:ZAX:Blk CRS
 MOLPAND     He who recieves men                              1:ICH:WATER
 VSNARDA     He who casts down into the depths                2:ICH:WATER
 PONODOL     He who destroys and creates                      3:ICH:FIRE
 TAPAMAL     She who is like she was at the beginning         1:LOE:FIRE
 GEDOONS     He who eliminates your name                      2:LOE:FIRE
 AMBRIOL     He who continuously comforts                     3:LOE:FIRE
 GECAOND     She who only obeys                               1:ZIM:FIRE
 LAPARIN     He who is the protector of man                   2:ZIM:FIRE
 DOCEPAX     He who names only great names                    3:ZIM:FIRE
 TEDOOND     He who demands obedience                         1:VTA:FIRE
 VIUIPOS     She of many repetitions                          2:VTA:FIRE
 VOANAMB     He to whom truth is relative                     3:VTA:FIRE
 TAHAMDO     He who lives according to his name               1:OXO:AIR
 NOTIABI     Servant who speaks the truth                     2:OXO:AIR
 TASTOZO     She who initiates dancing                        3:OXO:AIR
 CUCNRPT     She who replaces what was with something similar 1:LEA:AIR
 LAVACON     The happy one                                    2:LEA:AIR
 SOCHIAL     He who burns up the past                         3:LEA:AIR
 SIGMORF     He who visits the darkness                       1:TAN:AIR
 AYDROPT     She who sees us with equality                    2:TAN:AIR
 TOCARZI     He of such equality                              3:TAN:AIR
 NABAOMI     He who knows pain                                1:ZEN:AIR
 ZAFASAI     He who is in emptiness                           2:ZEN:AIR
 YALPAMB     He who is the beginning and the end              3:ZEN:AIR
 TORZOXI     She who rises up in strength                     1:POP:AIR
 ABRIOND     He who prepares his kingdom                      2:POP:AIR
 OMAGRAP     He of lunar knowledge                            3:POP:AIR
 ZILDRON     He who sets in flight                            1:CHR:AIR
 PARZIBA     He who promises                                  2:CHR:AIR
 TOTOCAN     He who drives the cycles                         3:CHR:AIR
 CHIRZPA     He who enjoys loud sounds                        1:ASP:AIR
 TOANTOM     He who loves knowledge                           2:ASP:AIR
 VIXPALG     He who consumes                                  3:ASP:AIR
 OSIDAIA     He who is the god of truth                       1:LIN:AIR
 PAOAOAN     He who has eyes                                  2:LIN:ALL 4
 CALZIRG     She who is in the firmament                      3:LIN:EARTH
 RONOOMB     He who protects the process of becoming          1:TOR:EARTH
 ONIZIMP     He who brings labor                              2:TOR:EARTH
 ZAXANIN     He who names things                              3:TOR:EARTH
 ORANCIR     He who is above and below                        1:NIA:EARTH
 CHASLPO     He of wonderous joy                              2:NIA:EARTH
 SOAGEEL     He who helps the most                            3:NIA:EARTH
 MIRZIND     He who is from the Waters of Torment             1:VTI:EARTH
 OBUAORS     She who is half darkness                         2:VTI:EARTH
 RANGLAM     He who governs his thoughts                      3:VTI:EARTH
 POPHAND     He who is divided into three parts               1:DES:EARTH
 NIGRANA     He who governs the 28 days of the moon           2:DES:EARTH
 LAZHIIM     He who makes use of the day                      3:DES:EARTH
 SAZIAMI     He who has true power                            1:ZAA:EARTH
 MATHVLA     He who ends actions                              2:ZAA:EARTH
 CRPANIB     He who destroys speech                           3:ZAA:EARTH
 PABNIXP     He who governs                                   1:BAG:EARTH
 POCISNI     He who visits those in Heaven                    2:BAG:EARTH
 OXLOPAR     He who has them in his hands                     3:BAG:EARTH
 VASTRIM     He who is merciful                               1:RII:EARTH
 ODRAXTI     He who opens up the east                         2:RII:EARTH
 GMTZIAM     She who knows only herself                       3:RII:EARTH
 TAAOGBA     He who becomes the foremost beginning            1:TEX:WATER
 GEMNIMB     He who is only for a season                      2:TEX:WATER
 ADVORPT     She who silently watches                         3:TEX:WATER
 DOXMAEL     He who establishes the night                     4:TEX:WATER

NOTE: All the names are taken from Tabula Recensa (the tablets that were reformed by Raphael on April 20th, 1587). The ONLY changes that were made were the natures of the Kerubic and Servient Angels. The natures were originally attributed to the old tablets. I have taken the liberty to arrange them to the tabula recensa, and also that they are more in accord with the ideas of modern occultism. ….Sharash

This file was compiled by Yezelel and Sharash for the Ouroboros Sig on *Modem Magick* If anyone has corrections or comments, we can be reached via modem, 8/N/1-12/2400 baud-23 hours. (619)447-5010.

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