The present somewhat slight sketch of a most interesting subject, whilst not claiming entire originality, yet embraces the cream, so to speak, of various learned works of great cost, some of which being issued for private circulation only, are almost unobtainable.

During the past few years several books have been written upon Phallicism in conjunction with other kindred matters, but not devoting themselves entirely to one ancient mystery, the writers have only partially ventilated the subject. The present work seeks to obviate this failing by confining its attention entirely to the Sex Worship or Phallicism of the ancient world.

Many of the topics have received only slight treatment, being little more than indicated; but the work will enable the reader to understand and possess the truth concerning the Phallic Worship of the Ancients.

Those who desire to know more, or to authenticate the statements and facts given in this book, should consult the large and important works of Payne Knight, Higgins, Dulaure, Rolle, Inman, and other writers.

It was intended to give with this volume a list of works and miscellaneous pieces written on the subject, but the length of the list prevented its being added.

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