A Synopsis of the Method of Invoking the Enochian Seniors

This is but a brief synopsis of the method used in the following operation. A more detailed explanation of the theory and praxis of this material will be presented at a later date as part of a fuller explication of the system of the Watchtowers within the larger body of Enochian Magick.

The method followed here is based on the Golden Dawn formula of the Lesser Hexagram Ritual.1 Simply stated there are 4 forms of the Lesser Hexagram and 6 ways that each can be used to invoke (and 6 similarly to banish), this 6 x 4 = 24, the number of the Seniors or Elders spoken of in the Apocalypse of St. John2 and which extend from the center of the Watchtowers about the central King; they are, as well, the 6 wings of the cherubic forms of the four beasts that the Kings represent. In the Golden Dawn the Seniors of the Watchtowers are attributed to the planets3 (excluding the Sun which is attributed to the King of the Tablet) so that each of the 4 elements has 6 subplanetary forms: Mars of Air, Jupiter of Air etc. The order of attribution o each quadrant of the ‘Great Table’ are:

Since there are 4 hexagrams, one for each element, and 6 planetary forms for each of the 4, then there is necessarily a unique form of the Lesser Hexagram that can be assigned to each one of the 24 Seniors. The diagrams following explicate this formula completely for invoking; banishing simply inverts the directional vector of the triangles which compose the hexagrams, from the clockwise of invoking to counter clockwise about the Saturn point for banishing.

The order of the the Seniors in the working is based on the orthodox arrangement found in Sloane MS. 31914 and not adjusted for the reformation of Raphael; whereas the full tabular formulation given following is so adjusted. The magical squares of the names of the Seniors are derived from a working by Benjamin Rowe5, though configured according to Golden Dawn values.

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