The Seal of God’s Truth

The Sigillum Dei Ameth as we have it is drawn from John Dee and Edward Kelly’s Spirit Actions given in Libri Primus & Secundus Mysteriorum, as elsewhere noted. The form given here is adapted from Clay Holden’s John Dee Publication Project1 version, first explication by us as part of the Center for Enochian Study working group.2 This was the first correction of the 22nd circumferential division from y14 to y15, an error made originally by Dee when transferring the data given in the Spirit Action to the physical construction of the Sigillum itself.3 That the y15 is correct is demonstrable by internal logic of the Sigillum’s structure (more anon). We have restored the A 666 to the 32nd circumferential division for reasons of the nomenclature of the Thrones, which will be explained in due course.

Dee was himself told originally to adapt the form from several in his own collection of Grimoires; but which one, was not made clear either by Dee or the Angels. A number of variations on the Seal of God or Seal of God’s Truth are to be found in MSS owned by Dee. Several follow the basic outline of the form given to Dee and Kelly of a lettered circumference with inscribed septagon, heptagram and internal heptagons, some even with an internal pentagram. A useful comparison of the likely candidates here can be found on the German Wikipedia.4 The version that Dee likely mainly worked is in Sloane MS. 313 (there are a number of versions in the Sloane and Royal collections) the so-called Sworn Book of Honorius the Magician (Gillette, NJ: Heptangle Books, 1977), but a serviceable online version is available at Joseph Peterson’s online Esoteric Archives.5

1 The John Dee Publication Project

2 The Center for Enochian Studies



5 http://esotericarchives/juratus/juratus.htm

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