On the Bloody Eucharist

On the Bloody Eucharist

David Richard Jones aka T Satanas

This mystery is quite interesting. The Book of the Law clearly indicates that the Cakes should be burnt. This would seem to be an oblique reference to the Phoenix. Now if a cake is made with living ingredients and burnt, then these cakes ground and distributed into a larger batch, they could be revivified by the formula of contagion. Id est a new cake containing fresh element or elements from the Priest and Priestess could be used in the ritual of the Mass, in either form, and (in the Gnostic form) if a common cup is then used, the life of the sacrament will be passed to the cake eaten within the body of the congregant when the ritual wine is consumed with the cake, likewise the blood of the conjurer will vivify the form in the Phoenix. In both cases the cakes would be literally transubstantiated. Note how the Gnostic form fulfills the Pelican formula as in “feeding her young.” Note also that the cup can be used to fill other cups and still retain the formula, but the congregants cannot be served from the bottle directly, if the details of the Gnostic Mass only have been maintained. Thus does life both rise from the ashes and feed her young.

For those who are interested, the formula of the Phoenix has the authority of Clement who was after Peter primate of Rome: I Clement XXV.

David R. Jones aka T Satanas
from the communionist-manifesto dept.

Originally posted to Beastbay - Sunday March 26 2000 e.v.