The Elements and The Pentagram

Planetary Attributions to the Elements and the Pentagram in Enochian Magick


David Richard Jones

In the Golden Dawn and related systems of magick, A∴A∴, O.T.O., A.S.1) and B.O.T.A.2), the elemental properties are attributed to the points of the pentagram as follows3):

Spirit = Topmost point
Air = Upper left
Water = Upper right
Earth = Lower left
Fire = Lower right.

The relative positions given to the lower or terrestrial elements, below the spirit, on the pentagram is identical to the locations assigned to them on ‘The Great Table as reformed by Raphael’ received by Dee and Kelly.4) The Golden Dawn attributions were probably established from these, out of sympathy, and in order to facilitate their own second order rituals and magikal formulae. This assumption is nowhere specifically stated, but has been alluded to in the more recent recensions of the Golden Dawn material.5) It provides the premise for the rulership of the Tablet of Union attributed to spirit, over the four Watchtowers attributed to the lesser elements, which is practiced in the Golden Dawn method of Enochian magick.

Given the two sets of attributions to the pentagram, both within the framework of the Enochian system, the hypothetical relationship between them, as set forth below, is posited.

Spirit = Topmost point =Jupiter
Air = Upper left = Mercury
Water = Upper right = Mars
Earth = Lower left = Venus
Fire = Lower right = Sun

What remains to be demonstrated is a sympathetic correlation of the planetary attributes with the corresponding elemental properties.

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The Aurum Solis retains the attribution of the elements to the pentagram, yet their mechanics for the banishing and invocation of these forces differs somewhat from orthodox Golden Dawn practice. Vide pp. 43-45. Melita Denning & Osborne Phillips. MYSTERIA MAGICA VOL. 3: THE MAGICAL PHILOSOPHY. St. Paul MN: Llewellyn, 1992.
The Builders Of The Adytum retain the lower order Golden Dawn elemental formulae intact, yet their dogma denies the entire validity of the Enochian system, as evil and false. I have no idea upon what authority they support their attribution of the elements to the pentagram.
Vide 777 columns LV. and LXX. pp. 16-17, Aleister Crowley. 777 AND OTHER QABALISTIC WRITINGS. York Beach ME: Weiser, 1977. also vide supra THE GOLDEN DAWN pp. 280-281, 506-507.
The attribution of the elements to the Tables, Watchtowers and Keys with their corresponding colors and directions, in the original system of Enochian magick is a complex issue. But a consistent structure can be extracted, with difficulty, from the complexities of the material delivered to Dee and Kelly and recorded in Meric Casaubon’s A TRUE & FAITHFUL RELATION, New York: Magickal Childe, 1992. So far, I don't believe that any such system has yet been published.
Vide supra THE GOLDEN DAWN note pg. 210, and THE COMPLETE G.D. SYSTEM, vol. 4. pg. 14.