The Center for Enochian Studies, Volume I, number 10

    Conclusion of Liber Mysteriorum Primus --- first part lost in MS?

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...1
i. ...         Blessed be God, Who revealest all Mysteries + etc.
  ...         I am strength,2 in need.3
...         And Lo, here is Medicine4 for the sore.5
...         We bless the Lord. We govern the earth,6 by the society of
... Whose power is with us, but not here.8
...                                        Use Patience.
...     Uriel:9 I lived with Esdras:10 I lived in him; in the Lord,11
who liveth forever.
Raphael: I lived with Tobias,12 Tobias the younger.
Dee- This was the white creature that spake this.13
Fortitudo Dei:14 We Live in the Lord, who be praised forever.
Dee- I stood silent a good while.
Fortitudo Dei: What wilt thou?
Dee: I did attend, what you would say.
Fortitudo Dei: I have said.
Dee: I have been long at this time, in my dealing with you.15 I
trust, I do not offend you therewith. But, for my part, I could
find in my heart to continue whole days and nights in this manner
of doing; even till my body should be ready to sink down for
weariness, before I would give over. But I fear, I have caused
weariness to my friend here.
Fortitudo Dei: In virtue is no weariness.
Dee- Now he stood up out of his chair; and he, and they all
jointly blessed us, stretching their hands toward us, Crossingly.
And so they went away. The Table and the chair remained, and the
glittering sparkles, or drops of streaming little lights were off
the chair immediately.
                    Dee- Glory,thanks, and honor
be to the Almighty Trinity                
                John Dee's marginalia
i. +
...venged upon Saul; for he hath abused his names in his
...nd against kind his punishment is great; and so I end.16
The Postscript Of Elias Ashmole

Mysteriorum Liber Primus, book ending here (as I conceive)
ii. after which follows Mysteriorum +Liber Secundus, but the beginning
  thereof is utterly perished.17

ii. +
So it appears to be by diverse Quotations in the following

  1. This fragment of text is probably the continuation of Dee's Action dated March 15

MDLXXXII anno domini; being the conclusion to his Liber Mysteriorvm Primvs,
internal evidence indicates the close relationship between this leaf and the
previously given action.
    Approximately 30% of the top of this page was lost to damage (cf. Thelema
Lodge O.T.O. (Berkeley CA: Feb.1988 e.v.); the placement of 'Sequential
periods i.e. ...' indicates where damage either abuts or intrudes into written
2. Fortitudo Dei aut Michaelem? op.cit. Mar. 1988 ev.   
3. Est id 'Misericors' ? ibid.
4. Medicina Dei sive Raphaelem: ibid.
5. Afflicta: ibid.
6. Angeli illis estis toti Mundo praedominantes: ibid.
7. Angeli cvm Gabrieli sunt: Prevalescentia sive praepotentia, sive fortitudo et
praevalescens Dei. Ibid.
8. In Caeli. Ibid.
9. 3d Ezra: L. Vulg. Vriel. Citations in antiq. of the non extant Gk. version give
[Upsilon-rho-iota-lambda: 400 + 200 + 10 + 30 = 640], reconstruction from Aramaic fragments and
various Gk. transliterated Gk. commentaries would give the Heb. as [:
70 + 5 + 200 + 10 + 1 + 30 = 316]
10. Serious study should be given II Esdras: III - XIV, if possible in the arch. versions,
of this most strange scripture (cf. infra 3d Ezra).
    Special note and meditation should be devoted, by those with wit to under-
stand, to those passages which provide practical instruction in the sciences of
Thaumaturgy, and Theurgy:
    Compare also III: 1-14. with references given to Uriel and Adam in the
conclusion of Abramelin's Sacred Magick.
11. The Apocryphal book of II Esdras is a strange compound book from a number of
original texts with similar origins, but somewhat varying chronology, and
make up the different books of Ezra (& pts of Neh.), Esdras (I & II), 3d Ezra, as
well as Visions, Testaments, and Apocalypses of Ezra/Esdras etc.
    The original core was apparently Hebrew; and contained primary material
now completely lost; preceding what is in modern ref. 3d Ezra or trad.
II Esdras cap. iii.
    The book was then translated into Greek, but both the Gk. and Heb. versions
are now lost; though Quotations from both, in original tongues, do exist from
    Some time in the Early Christian Era a new beginning and end in Gk. were
added for theological reasons of the Ante-Nicene church.
    The text then translated into Latin; was included by Jerome in the Vulgate.
This is the source for most modern translations, though many exist in strange
tongues that were obviously drawn directly from the earlier Gk. or Heb.
12. Raphael gives a strange Magical formula: whereby a fish is used to manufacture
what in hermetic terms would be referred as the svmmvm bonvm. A startlingly
similar formula is given in libers: CDXV, Opvs Lvtetianvm, and C, Agape Azoth.
13. Undetermined personage? cf. II Esdras ii:39-40; I Enoch lxxi:1; Rev. iii:5, vii:13.
14. Vide # 2; L. Fortitudo Dei = Eng. The Strength of God. Est hic Michael?
15. This note supports the probability that this fragment is the continuation of the
March 15th Action vide op.cit. Thelema Lodge, Nov.1988ev. & # 1. above.
16. This marginal notation, which apparently refers to the difficulties of Saul
Barnabas (ibid: Jun-Aug/88ev.), is peculiarly arranged in vertical columns
reading from the top of the page; and suffered therefore from significant
fragmentation. Reference notation: i.e. +; indicate that this marginalia may
refer obliquely to the heading line of surviving text.
17. Mysteriorvm Liber Secvndvs deals with the construction, arrangement, and
operation of the Sigilvm Dei AEmeth.
    The beginning pages; of which, follow this text in SL.MS. 3188. Several are
severely damaged and an unknown number of leaves may have been
lost irrevocably; yet technical examination shows that nothing essential to
the Seal itself is missing.
    The next dated entry is March 20, 1582 a.d., but it is preceded by a long
Action to which the date has been lost.
    That book will appear in this place beginning in March of next year.
18. This concludes the main text of: Liber Mysteriorvm Primvs
                                            or:               Dr. John Dee
                                                                His First Book
                                                              Mystical Exercises.


Next month we will present the first of three parts devoted to appending the materials covered in Liber Primvs Mysteriorvm.