The Center for Enochian Studies, Volume I, number 7

    1582 Marty 11
Sonday. a Meridie hora .a. circiter1.



Dee-- Uriel being called by Edward Talbot there appeared one;
clothed with a long robe of purple all spangled with gold, and on
his head a garland, or wreath of gold, his eyes sparkling. Of whom
I asked whether the characters noted for the Table were perfect:
He answered,

*Lundrumguffa: They are perfect. There is no question2.

Dee: Are you Uriel?
Then presently came in one, and threw the brave spirit down by the
shoulders, and beat him mightily with a whip; and took all his
robes, and apparel off him.: And then he remained all hairy and
ugly; and still the spirit was beaten of him, who came in after
him. And that spirit, which so beat him, said to the hearing of my

Uriel: Lo, thus are the wicked scourged.

Dee: Are you Uriel, who speaketh that?

Uriel: I am he. Write down, and mark this; for it is worthy of
the Noting:
*This was thy persecutor Lundrumguffa. I brought him hither to
  let thee see, how God hath punished thy enemy.
Lo, thus hath God dealt for thee: Lo, thus have I dealt for thee:
Thank God.

Dee: Blessed be his holy name, and extolled, World Without end.

Edward Talbot-- He drew the wicked spirit away by the legs; and
threw him into a great pit, and washed his hands, as it were, with
the sweat of his own head: for he seemed to be all in a sweat.

Dee-- Hereupon, my skryer saw Uriel go away, and he remained out of
sight a little while. Then he came in again; and another with him,
and jointly these two said together:
Glorify God forever.
And then Uriel did stand behind; and the other did sit down in
the chair with a sword in his right hand, all his head glittering
like the sun. The hair of his head was long, he had wings, and all
his lower parts seemed to be with feathers. He had a robe over his
body, and a great light in his left hand.
He said:

Michael: We are blessed from the beginning, and blessed be the
name of God forever.

Dee-- My Skryer saw an innumerable Company of Angels about him. And
Uriel did lean on the Square Table by.
He that sat in the chair (whom we take to be Michael) said then:

Michael: Go forward. God hath blessed thee.
I will be thy Guide.
Thou shalt attain unto thy seeking.
The world begins with thy doings.
Praise God.
The Angels under my power, shall be at thy commandment.
Lo, I will do thus much for thee.
Lo, God will do thus much for thee.
Thou shalt see me, and I will be seen of thee.
And I will direct thy liking and conversation.
*Those that sought thy life, are vanished away.
Put up thy pen.

Dee-- So he departed.


Gloria, laus, honor, Virtus et Imperium.

Deo immortali, invisibili, et Omnipotenti, in saecula saeculorum.

Glory, praise, honor, to the Power and Authority.

Unto God immortal, invisible, and Omnipotent, world without end.





Dee notes (Dee signifies "Dee")
i. Hereby may appear that this wicked spirit foisted in the shew of
the false character and names before.


ii. Note: Lundrumguffa scourged spiritually.


iii. Lundrumguffa.

1. Sunday March 11, 1582. About the third hour before noon, i.e. 9am.
2. See plate {below Dee's picture}.


John Dee