The Center for Enochian Studies, Volume I, number 9

    Marty 15 Thursday. Hora 1 1/4 a meridie1

Dee - After Edward Talbot his calling into the stone; appeared a
tall man, with a sceptre (Very great) of gold glittering. His body
all red: and out of his head, did shoot out beams of light, like
the sun beams2.
Dee - I being desirous, to know who he was, and his name; I
requested him earnestly thereto, but he answered as followeth:
---: Invocate nomen Domini agnoscetis eum.
      'Call in the name of the Lard, You will recognize him.'
Dee - Then I prayed the Psalm:3
Deus misereatur nostri, et benedicat nobis: illuminet vultum,
suum super nos, et misereatur nostri.
Vulg. Ps:LXVI:1.
'May God be gracious and bless us, may he show us a benign
'God be merciful unto us; and cause his face to shine upon us:
After that, he said:
---: I am mighty.
Dee - Because he delayed to declare his name, Edward Talbot the
skryer did require him: in the name of God the father, Jesus Christ
his son5, and of the holy ghost, to express his name. And he
answered in speech:
---: So I will by and by.
Dee - Then he seemed to take from his head little bright
sparks,like little candles' ends; and to stick them about the
chair6, and he went round about the chair, and then he spake, as
---: I am mighty and working wonders; I am SOLOMON7. I rule in
  the heavens, and bear sway upon earth; in his name, who be blessed
forever. Thou doest doubt at me. I am the servant of God, in his
light; I serve him. I say, I serve him; with fear and reverence.
My name is SOLOMON8: Mighty in the Sun9, Worker of Worldly actions;
as well internal, as external. Known unto God; whose name I know,
and bless forever.
Dee - Then appeared a big flame of fire by him in the air.
Solomon: Thou knowest not, or thou wilt not know, that
Mammon10, with his servants, are present about thee. Whose presence
doth hinder the presence of the virtues11 Adonai overcoming.
Blessed be God, in the highest. Amen.
Dee - He took the forsaid flame of fire, and flung it unto the
Solomon: Mammon12 is a king whom God hateth: whose sect
  continually tempt, provoke, and stir up wickedness against the
Lord, and against his annointed. But he dies, blessed be God
forever. Drive him away.
Dee: It is incomparably more easy for you to do. And as for my
part I feel neither in body, nor soul; any token of his presence or
Thereupon he caused the whole chamber (Which we were in) to
appear very plainly in the stone13: and so there shewed a great
company of Wicked Spirits14 to be in the chamber; and among them,
One, most horrible and grisly, threatening, and approaching to our
heads, and scorning and gnashing at us.
Solomon: God determines his mysteries, by Art and Virtue.
Dee - Then he Willed Very eagerly to drive them away. And I
prayed fervently. And there seemed one to come into the stone,
which had very long arms; and he drove them away courageously. And
so they were driven away.
After that presently, came one into the stone, all white.
Solomon reached this white one a Cup. The white man held up the
cup; and said, as followeth:
---: Lo this is my name.
God shall bless you. Fear not. Your faithfullness provoketh me
to tell my name, and this it is: (putting forth the Cup again) for
I am called

Medicina Dei15.

God his Healing.

I will shew thee, and I will show you, the Angel of your Direction,
iv. Which is called OCH16
Dee - This name he spake, he showed it also on the Table17

(before him) written.
Raphael: He is mighty in the Sun18 beams, he shall profit
thee19 hereafter.
Dee - Then came in another, and sat down in the chair; and he
said as followeth:
---: The strength of God Liveth, and reigneth forever.

I am

Fortitudo Dei20.

God his Strength.

Dee: Why then, you are Gabriel; and I took you but hereto to be
Michael. Michael; how shall I then amend my book, in respect of
your name always before written Michael?
Fortitudo Dei: What thou hast Written, That hast thou
Written; and it is true.
Write down this name POLIPOS.
Doth thou understand it?
Dee: No, God knoweth.
Fortitudo Dei: When that day cometh, I will speak with thee,
v. if thou observe that which I have commanded thee.
As truly as I was with SOLOMON21, so truly will I be with
Dee - Then came in another; Whom we take to be Uriel, for he
went also, as he was want, and leaned at the Table.
Fortitudo Dei: Search for Wisdom and Learning, and the Lord
Will deliver it unto you.
Dee: I would to god. I knew your name truly, or What peculiar
Letter I might set for you, to Note your Words and Actions by.
Fortitudo Dei:Name I have none, but by my Office.
SOLOMON came not hither, but by me.
He is a mighty Prince, governing the heavens, under my power.
This is sufficient for thy Instruction.
I was with Solomon, in all his Works and Wonders22; and so was
this, Whome God had appointed Unto him.
The Divines know his name, and he is not hidden from the face
of the earth. His name is written in the book which Lieth in the
Dee: Do you mean Agrippa his book? And it is there expressed by
  the name SOLOMON?23
Fortitudo Dei:I have said.
Dee: What order will you appoint unto us two, in respect of our
two beings together My friend here may have other intents and
purposes of his affairs, than will serve me for his aid having in
these Actions.
Fortitudo Dei: Join in prayers. For God hath blessed you.
Doubt not. Consider these Mysteries.
Dee: Then they in the stone used talk together, but not well to
be discerned by the ear of Edward Talbot.
At length Fortitudo Dei talked very much, and speedily to
Edward Talbot and disclosed unto him (Which he expressed not to me,
at the stone, but disclosed afterward) all the manner of the
practice, and circumstance about the Action intended, With the Gold
Lamen, the ring, the seals etc24. And after I had spoken somewhat;
in requesting him to shew me the manner, How I should artificially
prepare everything spoken of he said:
Fortitudo Dei:25 ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...


Dee's Marginalia:


i. SOLOMON: Of Solomon you may read in the call,
Diei Dominica in Elementis Magicis Petri de Abano,
Of the lord's Day in the Elements of Magick of Peter of Abano
their called Salamia26.

ii. Mammon27

iii. Raphaël

iv. De OCH28, vide in libello Arbatel in Sun
For OCH, look in the little book, the Arbatel, on the Sun.

v. Perchance he meaneth the council of Annael: before specified29.

vi. It is in Elementis Magicis Petri de Abano printed with Clavis
Agrippae, which was in my Oratory always under my Window30.






  1. The time being one quarter past the hour of one ante meridiem on the Ides of March.
  2. 'Shapes familiar to the spirits of the Sun.


    The Spirits of the Sun do for the most part appear in a large, full & great body
sanguine and gross, in a gold colour, with the tincture of blood. Their motion is
as the lightening of Heaven; their sign is to move the person to sweat that calls
them. But their particular forms are: A King having a Scepter riding on a Lion.
A King crowned. A Queen with a Scepter. A Bird. A Lion. A Cock. A Yellow or
golden Garment. A Scepter. Caudaius.
    C. Agrippa (pseud.), The Occult Philosophy Fourth Book (Gillete NJ:1985)
3. This reference, compares only the first verse of a psalm, that Dee almost certainly
read here in its totality. Our interested readers should refer to the cited works
for the complete passages.
4. selah = Heb. ( 60+30+5 = 95)
A technical musical term indicating a pause in recitation.
5. '... his son' which Dee gives as '... his sonne' vide note # 9 & 18.
6. 'The Seat of Righteousness' cf. Thelema Lodge O.T.O. (Berk.CA: 8/88ev) /
SL.MS.3188 3/10/1582
7. SOLOMON. op.cit. Thelema Lodge (OTO:5/88ev)
8. SOLOMON = Sol Om On vide A. Pike, Morals and Dogma etc. in ' The Prince Adept
of the Sun ' for a somewhat abstruse discourse on this mystery. It is partially
revealed to initiates of the Minerval Degree O.T.O. and further elucidated in the
VIIth degree.
9. '... the Sun,' (possibly '... the Son,' by Dee's orthography '... the Sonne,' vide note # 5
& 18.
10. Mammon = Gk. mu-alpha-mu-omega-nu. (40+1+40+800+50 = 931)
11. This may be an arch. sp. for 'virtuous'.
12. Mammon:
    'No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the
other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve
God and mammon.' Mt.VI:24
    'And the Lord commended the unjust steward, because he had done wisely:
for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children
of light.
    And I say unto you. Make to yourselves friends of the mammon of unright-
eousness; that, when ye fail, they may receive you into everlasting habitations.
    He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much. and he that
is unjust in the least is unjust also in much.
    If therefore ye have not been faithful in the unrighteous mammon, who will
commit to your trust the true riches?
    No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the
other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve
God and mammon.' Lk.XVI:8-13.


    Vide illus. p.93 F. King, Witchcraft and Demonology (Exeter Books:NY), 1987
for a medieval representation of Mamon as daemon king.
13. Vide illus. op.cit. King. p. 103.
14. For some curious examples of similar phenomena see King op.cit. p. 63, where
Papus is shown in a like situation. Also an almost identical parallel in H.P.
Lovecraft's 'From Beyond' in: The Doom That Came To Sarnath (Del Rey/
Ballantine:N.Y.NY,1983) pp.86-94.
15. Op.cit. Thelema (OTO:3/88ev)
16. The character of OCH:      
17. 'The Table Of Practice' or 'Tabvla Sancta' (The Holy Table) op.cit. Thelema (OTO:
18. '... in the Sun' given by Dee as '... in the Sonne' note the progression of meaning son
= Sonne = Sun, wherein though the orthography is identical the first and last
meanings would not normally be considered cognate, and the second citation
though certainly ambiguous, it is also quite leading. No puns intended.
19. "Thus Och, the prime of solar things, presides over
the preparation of gold naturally in the veins
of the Earth - that is to say, he is the Mineralogist
in Chief of Nature; he presides also over the
quicker preparation of the same metal by means
of the chemical art - that is, he is the Prince of Alchemists; and, finally, he
makes gold in a moment by Magick"
    ...,also bestows gold and a purse quaintly described by the English translator
of the "Arbatel" as "springing with gold." He causes the possessor of this
character to be worshipped as a god by the kings of the whole world."
    A.E. Waite, The Book Of Black Magick...(L.W. de Laurence:Chicago IL,1940)
20. Op.cit. Thelema (OTO:3/88ev)
21. It is interesting to note any survey of medieval grimiores will demonstrate the
degree to which this form of magikal literature is dependent on the authority
and legends of Solomon. Of which Mathers' translations of the Greater and
Lesser Keys are probably the most familiar.
22. SOLOMON. The historical and mythological aspects of Solomon are far too
immense to cover in this limited space, but the interested will find a consider-
able begining, if they examine those sources cited in our previous articles with
attention to all Solomonic references.
23. Dee renders this name throughout as both SALAMAIN and SALOMON.
24. This information was eventually compiled by Dee into: Libri Quinti Appendice or
included in his Heptarchia Mystica. A complete exegesis of the equipment and
primary methods of practice set forth, in this Dee's First Book of Mystical
Exercises; will begin following the conclusion of that book, in next month's
25. The remaining portion of Liber Primus is fragmentary as noted in Ashmole's
introduction. The footer of this page indicates by the abbr. '[F.D.]' that
Fortitudo Dei is the next speaker, and as the material directly following this
page is wanting its header it is only by surmise that we can draw any
conclusions as to what is actually missing. As noted above the remaining
fragments and Ashmole's post script will bring the body of Doctor John Dee's
Liber Mysteriorum Primus to a conclusion in next months Thelema Lodge Calender.
26, R. Turner(trans.) ...Fourth Book Of Occult Philosophy...(Askin, London:1978) p..89.
27. Dee has 'Mamon'.
28. "Och governeth solar things; he giveth 600 yeares, with perfect health; he bestoweth
great wisdom, giveth the most excellent Spirits, teacheth perfect Medicines: he
converteth all things into most pure gold and precious stones: he giveth gold, and
a purse springing with gold. He that is dignified with his Charachter, he maketh
him to be worshipped as a Diety, by the Kings of the Whole World."
    Op.cit. R. Turner, p.190.
29. "Prayer and Fasting" op.cit. Thelema (OTO:6/88ev)
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