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Welcome to the Forum for the E-zine “Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition”, a place to discuss the issues within the issues of this wonderful esoteric magazine.

We hope that you will enjoy the discussions you will find within this assemblage. To this end, we would like to share with you a few tips and guidelines on making your posting experience pleasurable for one and all.

1) No flaming. It is fine to disagree with other people’s opinions, but do so in a respectful manner. Name-calling and insults are unnecessary, and such posts will be deleted.

2) Please keep your posts on topic. Look carefully at the forum categories listed to see where your post might fit best if it something other than a response to the discussion at hand.

3) Refrain from “me too” or “ditto,” type posting. This clutters the board with short posts that do not particularly elaborate on the subject at hand.

4) When replying to a post, cut and paste only the relevant part of the previous post. There is no need to quote part and parcel the entire prior message when you are merely responding to one line.

5) Please use caution in posting personal information. These are public forums and you never know who might be lurking and gathering your information.

6) Please, no spam or junk emails. If you have a forum or link you would like to advertise, let the moderators or administrators know and they can direct you to the proper channels.

7) If you have any questions that this epistle did not address, or if you have any comments or suggestions, please contact the moderators and administrators at

Overall, use good judgement and proper netiquette on this forum. Treat others as you wish to be treated, and post intelligently. Remember, your words in this forum are pretty much the only way people have of knowing you- so sloppy posting is like giving a speech unwashed and dishevelled. Use discretion in how you express yourself; exercise a modicum of care in the construct of your missives.

Violations of these guidelines will result in actions up to and including banning from the group, at the discretion of the moderators and administrators.

Thank you, and enjoy your membership in the “Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition Forum”.

I Agree With the Guidelines, Let Me In.


I Do Not Agree With the Guidelines.

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