Historicus Mythologicus

Part I:
Historicus Mythologicus

1. In the Beginning was Creation. The waters above were split from the waters below and humanity was created from redness by the gods. 2. Humanity, both male and female, lived, for a time, in the Bliss, until the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge was eaten. This act expelled humanity, male and female, from its supernal state. Before them was the Tree of Life, and this was hidden all around humanity, hidden before plain sight. 3. However, the messengers of the gods came to humanity and revealed unto them the Path of Return.

4. The people were now over the face of the Earth. However, humanity was arrogant now, and sinful in the eyes of the gods. The child of Methuselah, Lamech, had many children. These children, who founded the sciences and crafts of geometry, music, smithing and weaving, knew that the gods would be angry with humanity and undertook to preserve their teachings, each engraving their words upon two pillars of stone, one of marble the other of brick.

5. In their anger the gods sent a great flood, destroying much of humanity. Those who survived appeased the gods and the Bow of Heaven was put in the sky to so that peace, for now, would be between humanity and the gods. 6. Amongst others who survived the flood was Utnapishtim, called Noah by the Habiru. 7. It was Utnapishtim’s granddaughter, Bith, who escaped to the Isles of the Mighty with her son Fintan. Bith did not survive the flood, but Fintan was the Salmon of Wisdom, and thus eternal. 8. To Utnapishtim came one called Gilgamesh, who had realized much of the divinity within, but not all of it. Gilgamesh would have eaten from the fruit of the Tree of Life, which Utnapishtim was guardian of, it being a Hallow of his land between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, Gilgamesh was stopped by the Vision of Sorrow and so ended his quest.

9. Far to the North, the water continued to recede, revealing mighty islands, and it was here that mighty Cronos was chained, even as he bound His own father. This binding forever made the veil between this world and the Otherworld thinner. Those who dwelt in this land were of the Otherworld, and not fully of this world. 10. There were many wars upon this island. The first race of the Otherworld to settle upon these isles, the Fir Bolg, were rejected by the genus loci of the island, the islands’ Ladies of Sovereignty, and were replaced by another race of great beings. After a time these beings, the great and wild Formorians, were too rejected by Sovereignty. Finally, a third race, the Tuatha De Dannan came, functioning as Sovereignty’s tool to remove the primal Formorians. These Children of Dannu were joined by many of the older goddesses and gods of the land. For a time, the Tuatha De Dannan, as well as their Cymric cousins, ruled the Isles of the Mighty. 11. To the North and West the fierce gods of those lands await the end of their times.

12. At the same time, in the land of the Nile a great king was born, the grandson of the Sun. This king, Osiris the Beautiful, brought, with his sister/wife Isis, his land to peace and ended the ways of barbarism. 13. This king was betrayed by his own brother for the throne of Kemet, and died not once but twice, his body scattered across the land, to become the Lord of the Tuat. Between the first death and the second a son was born, Horus, who was the Sun high in the sky. Horus became ruler of the two lands of the Nile, which was then called Kemet, or the land of Black Earth, for the missing phallus of Osiris went into the Nile and it made the land bring forth life through its black fertile soil. 14. It was shortly after this time that out of Ur, near Babylon, did Abram, called Abraham, wander to the lands of Kemet with his family. During his travels Abraham received, through divine inspiration, the Book of Formation, whereby even the Golom could be made. More importantly, a Covenant was struck between his people, who were called Habiru by the Akkadian’s, and their one God.

15. Later, in the time of the Exodus of the descendants of the wanderers out of Babylon, the foster son of the Princess of Egypt, called Mosheh by the wanderers, was born. 16. At this time and place lived a great wise man and magician, who was descended from the god Djehuti and called Hermes the Thrice-Grand. Hermes was as old as those from whom he came, and through them created writing and mathematics. He was a powerful magician who controlled many daemons. It was through Hermes Trismigistus that the lands of Kemet were divided into nomes, creating philosophy, ships, and machines. It was through the Thrice-Grand that some say the children of Lamech learned their crafts. His writings are many and mysterious and have survived thousands of years. 17. It was through the writings of Hermes that the Art of Kemet was born in the Western world.

18. The daughter of Pharaoh, the God-King of Kemet, sailed with the Mil and his sons to the Isles of the Mighty, to the northern most isle. It was they who were finally granted the rights of Sovereignty, through the magic of their son Aimairgin, for the races of humanity over the spirit beings that once ruled there.

19. Then the people of Greece came to know Hermes the Thrice-Grand and his writings and they were much influenced by the thought of Egypt. 20. Great mystery religions arose in Greece where both the Greek and Egyptian gods were worshipped. In Samothrace the goddess Hekete was elevated like no other. 21. Both these great kingdoms came to know the conquering people of Rome who had, like the Egyptians before them, a God-King. The legions of Rome came to unite the known world, from the realms of Africa to the lands of the Gauls and even into the Isles of the Mighty.

22. By now the wondering Habiru had found a home, near the Sea of the Dead. A great Temple was built there, by Solomon ben David. Solomon was a great and wise ruler, as well as a magician who imprisoned 72 infernal spirits in a brass vessel. 23. This Temple was destroyed and rebuilt, being finished in splendor during the time of Herod, who called himself “Great.” 24. These people, who now had their Law, handed down to them from their one God through Mosheh, were no longer called the Habiru but Hebrews. 25. The Jews, through their traditions, kept alive the teachings of the messengers of the gods and the Path of Return. With this wisdom and their holy book, a way to See the Merkavah of God was found; through many gates and temples, and past many guardians must the mystic travel, and even then, if one was not strong enough, viewing even God’s Throne could mean death or insanity. 26. It was at this time that Julian, the Chaldaen Theurge, wrote from ancient Chaldaen sources and divine inspiration the Philosophy of Oracles.

27. During the time of Herod, under the rule of Rome, a man was born of a carpenter, a descendant of David, and his virgin wife. 28. This man, Joshua, would become a great magician and mystic, called not only the Son of God but the Son of Man. Through the sacred teachings of his people this man followed the Path of Return to become a Man-God. 29. Joshua was rejected by his people, and put to death by Rome, though it is said he was raised and walked beside God as did the Hebrew patriarch Enoch. 30. While the man was gone the divinity within him could never be killed, and his teachings remained. Those who could follow his path would be able to do all that he did and more, and they too could become like God. 31. After the death of this Christos the second Temple of the Jews was destroyed.

32. With the death of the Christos the Cult of the Dying God was reborn, and images, as old as the land of Kemet, were dedicated to this new manifestation. 33. Many of those who worshipped the old gods of Greece, Rome, and Egypt, and even many of the Jews, who had originally rejected the Path of Return of the Christos, turned to this new Path. From this single cult, two arose, one which worshipped Christos as Man the other Christos as God. Both relied heavily upon the old teachings. 34. Those who followed the Christos as Man turned to the philosophers of Greece and the religion of the Jews, as well as many other teachings. Those who followed the Christos as God rediscovered the ancient writings of Hermes Trismigistus. The first would come to God’s kingdom through the teachings of the Christos, the second would become like the Christos himself, and know God. 35. In time the religion of the Christos as Man, now called Jesus the Christ, came to supremacy. A council of their priests met and formalized their dogma, and the One God was now the Three in One God. This too was a great mystery, much of which has been lost.

36. With the fall of the second Temple the Judaism of old was no more and the wise people, the teachers, became the spiritual leaders of the people. A new religion was born. 37. These wise men, keeping the old traditions, but reinterpreting them for changing times, continued working with their own Path of Return. Through them was the Book of Illumination received, containing great mysteries.

38. For a time a dark age set upon the world, still there were rays of light to be seen. Through the descendants of Ishmael, Abraham’s first child, a new Path of Return was received, through the humble Mohammed.

39. In the Isles of the Mighty, the Sovereignty of the Cymric lands of Britain passed from Bran, the greatest of the spirit people there, to the mortal man Arthur, one in the line of the Pendragons. Arthur was advised by a great sage and magician called Myrddin, who like Aimairgin before him served She who was the Sovereignty of the land. 40. Under the rule of Arthur, the religions of the land, and their priests, called Druids, merged with the teachings of the White Christ. The form the Religion of Jesus as Man had absorbed these isles. With this the Cauldron of the Goddess became merged with the Grail of the White Christ.

41. After many years of rule Arthur returned the sacred Hallows of the Land, including the Grail of the White Christ, over to that great Lady, Sovereignty. Arthur was the last of the great Pendragons, but not the last of the Pendragons, and the Isles of the Mighty would always have their guardian. Arthur passed the title of Pendragon to another, and himself became Pen Annwen, Guardian of the Hallows in the Otherworld. When he is needed he shall return again to guard the land.

42. After Arthur passed into Avalon for healing, a true Dark Age descended for many years. During this time the Church of Jesus the Man turned back to the old writings. Through interpretation and re-interpretation were the old ways found to be one with the ways of the White Christ. At the same time those writings which could not be made to fit with the teachings of the Church were destroyed. It was through the efforts of the religion of Islam, who had now conquered the ancient lands of Kemet, that many of the old writings were saved.

43. A new millennium, or one thousand years after the birth of Christ, came and passed. The head of the Church, long since called Catholic, declared war on the Children of Mohammed, who now controlled a large portion of the Ancient World. The Christians’ Crusades for their ancient holy land were long and many. 44. At the end of the first of these a small encampment of nine nobles, at the corner of the ruins of the Temple of Jews, founded an Order of Christian Knights. 45. A secret was discovered there, an ancient form of the Path of Return. It was upon these tenets that the emblem of the Knights would change from the cross of four arms to the cross of eight; the ogduadic star. 46. In time these Knights became a great and powerful Order, keeping their secret always intact. It was not until the time of the King in France that the Order of the Temple was lost, and with it their secret. Their tradition, however, remains today.

47. As one path was obscured, another was coming into the light. In Spain a Jew called Moses de Leon wrote a text under the guidance of divine inspiration. This text, called the Book of Enlightenment. It the latest transmission of the ancient Jewish Path of Return called Qabalah.

48. Still at the same time, in the North in Germany, our Father Christian Rosenkreuz was born. C.R.C. lived for 106 years. A great mystic, magician, Qabalist, mathematician and philosopher, C.R.C. traveled the world learning of many of the Paths of Return. However, C.R.C. found that many of these Paths had become corrupt, and he had to discern the wheat from the chaff. Like the Christos before him, C.R.C. lived an exemplary life. He became like unto the divine, leaving his body, and his mysteries, in a sacred Vault of seven sides. First, however, he founded a Fraternity which might guide seekers toward the Light.

49. In Italy, where of the Catholic Church resides in Rome, the first rays of a new Light began to dawn. The very religion which dedicated itself for so long to the destruction of beauty which was different from its own now vitalized and inspired new beauty. This new beauty often showed respect for nearly forgotten ways. It was now that many of the old Paths were revived under new aegis’. The wisdom of the ancients once again lived. 50. In time this renaissance spread to the rest of Europe and especially to the Isles of the Mighty, which by this time had fallen under the rule of a single family. In time the Isles would be ruled by a single woman, called the Virgin Queen. The Virgin Queen Elizabeth, was in her own self and her heraldry, a synthesis. She was the coming together of the sun and the moon, an alchemist’s delight. 51. A faithful subject of Queen Elizabeth was Doctor John Dee. Dee was the epitome of the renaissance man.

52. During his many travels Dee received an ancient and lost Path of Return. Through the aid of his skryer, a man named Kelley, Dee came into contact with a messenger from the divine. This divine entity was the angel Ave. It was Ave who taught wise Enoch the ways the angels. Through Ave did Dee learn the language of the angels and their Path of Return, which may even have been the same given unto Adam after the fall. It is in honor of Enoch, who walked with God, that this Path of Return came to be called Enochian. Great was the Path of Enoch, as received by Dee. Alas most of it was lost in a great holocaust of fire.

53. During the life of Dee another Path emerged to the public eye. After hundreds of years of rest, that Fraternity which was founded by our Frater C.R.C., hidden until now, released its Fama and its Confessio. 54. Many great men were influenced by these mysterious and philosophical tracts, including the great Dee himself. For years, even until the present time, men and women alike have searched for the Rosicrucian society of C.R.C. None may say if they have discovered it, for those who claim to be Rosicrucians are most assuredly not.

55. After a time yet another tract of ancient teachings was discovered and brought to life. Where it began has been lost in the mists of time, but before the end of the 17th century the fraternity of Freemasonry had come to light in the land of Alba, in the Isles of the Mighty. 56. The teachings of Masonry are ancient, stemming from before the Flood, for those two great stone pillars, made by the children of Lemech, are the very foundation of Masonry; the ‘G’, between the compass and square are for geometry, one of the ancient sacred arts. 57. In a short time, the early part of the 18th century, Freemasonry became organized in England, where a Grand Lodge was formed.

58. Even as the United Grand Lodge of England was formed, the ancient Path of the Druids was brought once again into the light. 59. This re-awakened Path continued to grow for a time, though in a new manner. Much of this growth was due largely to the works of Iolo Morganwg and his Barddas. 60. From this tradition of the old Path many orders and circles descended, many of which survive to this day.

61. When the Theosophical Society of Madam Blavatsky contacted secret Masters from the East, a cry went up in the Western Tradition, for its ways were once again being abandoned. 62. In an old book a folio of manuscripts, in cipher, were found by a Dr. William Wynn Westcott. These manuscripts were deciphered with the aid of a young Qabalist and mystic Samuel MacGregor Mathers. Rituals were discovered therein, as well as an address in Germany. The address was written to, the rituals were worked up in full, and the old path of the Frater C.R.C. was once again discovered. Its current carried on in an Order called the Golden Dawn, with its hidden Order, the R:.R:. et A:.C:.. They were granted their charter by a Soror S.D.A., from a lodge in Germany. Contact with the Secret Chiefs behind the order was made by Mathers. With this contact, the current of energy of the Rosicrucians was fully imbued within the Order. 63. With the dawning of the 20th century, the Order of the Golden Dawn schismed and its energies scattered, though not dispersed. 64. For a time a void was left, and this void was to be filled in the visions of Aleister Crowley, who was at one point a member of the fallen Order. In Cairo, in the year of 1904, Crowley received from metaphysical sources a Book of the Law and the Word ‘Thelema.’ With this word and a new Path of Return was brought into the world.

Thus far the Historicus Mythologicus of the Western Mystery Tradition to the 20th century.


This is an authorized mirror of J S Kupperman's Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition.