Locked in Love

O ineffable GOD without Name,
      I've invoked Thee, provoking thy flame.
In the sensuous Form of my Lord,
      Neath its veil, wailing gale, my soul roared.
I desire the sweet fire of thy Being –
      Single spark, sail the dark sea of wonder!
Thrice almighty in all things Thou art,
      Solar snake in the lake of my heart.

Now, before me the healing dawn light
      Wears the rose of the rising sun's beauty,
While behind me the Foundation's might
      Bears the grail and the tale of life's duty.
God's ambassador flames on my right,
      Scintillation elating the mind,
While the backlit and boreal night
      On my left is the passion that binds me.

      About me only blaze these things of sense.
      Within, thy star-stream column spawns events.
            So locked in love – a princess and her prince.

James A. Eshelman
July 27, 1999

Originally published in Black Pearl, The Journal of the College of Thelema. All rights reserved.


This is an authorized mirror of J S Kupperman's Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition.